Chinese kitchen: The 9 Best Models In 2022

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In the kitchen, the preparation of sauces, coulis and other liquid contents requires the use of an adequate utensil if one wants to reveal the quintessence of one’s recipes. You do not have the ideal tool for all these achievements? Whether you are a cook or a pastry chef, opt for the kitchen strainer, a tool that will be able to intervene at the right time. This small, iconic-shaped utensil will optimally extract the juice from your solid foods and give you the amount of liquid you need.

In order to distinguish the best Chinese cookers available on the web, we compared more than a dozen Chinese cookers taking into account the criteria of materials, categories and design.

What is a Cuisine Chinois?

The strainer is an ultra-practical utensil, due to its ability to strain all kinds of recipes. Non-connoisseurs often identify it as a fine mesh strainer. Some even confuse it with a funnel, due to its conical shape. It has also earned its name thanks to its appearance of an upside-down Chinese hat. The accessory stands out, however, for its finer metal mesh which serves to filter all your solid food as much as possible.

Comparison of the Best Chinese De

Buyer 3350.20 – a resistant model

De Buyer 3350.20

Wondering where to find the most resistant Chinese cooker? The De Buyer brand offers you the De Buyer 3350.20 model which fully meets your requirements. Made from thick stainless steel, this kitchen utensil is highly resistant to wear and corrosion, which gives it its practicality.

This kitchen Chinese has a small hook located just opposite the tail of the tool. Your accessory can thus be placed on the edges of any container during the cooking time. This collection of kitchen strainers is also designed so that it can easily be placed on the feet of your funnels. The utensil will carefully keep your liquid contents, which is quite interesting.

We like

  • Its high quality
  • Its resistance
  • Its ease of cleaning
  • Its stability
  • Its practicality (presence of a hole in the handle to hang it easily)

We like it less

  • Some users of the utensil doubt that the strainer is a De Buyer product.
  • Other customers complain about some solder marks on the product.

Fackelmann 21897 – an optimally efficient kitchen tool

The Fackelmann 21897 is very popular for its ease of use when you are going to filter your homemade sauces and stocks. With its very robust hook located just in front of the tail of the accessory, this strainer will be fixed on your saucepan in order to let your liquid preparations flow gently. This model is also a promise of quality and solidity. Its stainless steel material ensures surprising practicality, since its lack does not risk breaking or bending quickly.

The mesh of the Fackelmann 21897 will not leave you indifferent either. Carefully designed, it allows you to efficiently sift through all your chunk-filled recipes. You can thus use it to make raspberry coulis or to make a very homogeneous sauce. This accessory is dishwasher safe.

We like

  • Its irreproachable quality
  • Its solidity
  • Its adequate size
  • Its multifunctional aspect

We like less

  • No negative opinion from customers.

Arga – a traditional Chinese cooker

Chinois de cuisine Arga

The Arga brand never ceases to fully satisfy you by offering innovative utensils like this Chinese cooker. Made from premium quality material, this stainless steel accessory offers you incomparable practicality in use. It is characterized by its traditional design and is very easy to handle. Despite its classic appearance, the Arga Chinese cooker promises you a long life, due to its compactness and originality.

This model is also remarkably versatile. It is, in effect, a stump tool used at the same time to twist or drain all food. The Arga thus aims to simplify your daily life and save you as much time as possible when cooking your favorite recipes. Finally, this kitchen Chinese slides easily into one of your cupboards or your kitchen drawers after a perfect cleaning.

We like

  • Its classic style
  • Its compactness (alloy steel material)
  • An easy to store tool

We like less

  • Some users find that the product is a bit too expensive.

Lacor 60316P – a Chinese that meets your expectations

Ideal to meet the needs of all gourmets, the Lacor 60316P is the tool that your kitchen utensils lack. It is one of the best kitchen strainers of the Lacor brand with its wire material and silver color. Opt for this innovative accessory if you want to properly filter viscous or liquid preparations. It can also play the role of a colander by retaining all the pieces of food via its mesh.

Perfectly resistant, the Lacor 60316P is a kitchen strainer that withstands high temperatures. Whether you want to use it at home or in your workplace, this model guarantees you a good performance with every use. In addition, this kitchen accessory comes with a beech pusher. Easy to use, it will pass your sauces, jams and other preparations without the slightest worry. You will then obtain a homogeneous and tasty content to pour on your dishes to please the whole family.

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We like

  • Its efficiency
  • Its quality material
  • Its good resistance to high temperature

We like less

  • No comments from users.

Menax – a versatile utensil for all cooks

The Menax strainer is the tool you need whether in your kitchen or elsewhere. Indeed, it perfectly fulfills its functions by perfectly sieving all your preparations on a small container. Designed in stainless steel and silver in color, this utensil will not disappoint you, even if you use it many times. In addition to benefiting from an exceptional manufacturing quality, this model of chinese kitchen is also efficient. You can choose it without hesitation to separate the pieces of vegetables from your broth or to twist your food in order to recover the juice.

Here, the Menax model is available in two sets: one is 18 cm in diameter by 13 cm in height and the other is 14 cm in diameter by 9 cm in height. Each set, however, comes with a 15cm handle and is designed to fit your convenience. Thanks to its small dimensions, the Menax Chinese cooker is finally space-saving. Store it in a kitchen drawer or hang it among your other utensils to better grab it during your next cooking.

We love

  • Its versatility
  • Its robustness despite its size
  • Its resistant material
  • Its perfect dimensions.

We like less

  • Customers are a little disappointed with the size of the product. They expected a much bigger Chinese.

Lacor 60319 – a strainer with pusher

With the Lacor 60319 strainer, it will now be easier for you to get sauce binders in no time. This utensil is designed with an ideal capacity to pass your liquid preparations quickly. It allows you to ensure professional work in the kitchen, through the quality of the content it offers you. Thanks to the quality of its material, this Chinese model offers you satisfactory results through carefully calibrated filtration.

The Lacor 60319 comes with a pusher made from beech. Lightweight and sized according to Chinese, this wooden accessory can be used anytime if you want to speed up your preparations a bit. This set of utensils will save you in different areas, whether during cooking, during preparation or even in baking.

We like

  • Its impressive solidity
  • Its well-calibrated filtration
  • Its easy-to-grip handle
  • Its ease of maintenance

We like less

  • Its handle unsolders quickly, according to some customers.

Gobel 14114410 – a strainer with multiple accessories

Thanks to the Gobel 14114410 strainer, cooking becomes a real pleasure to be fully enjoyed every day. If you are looking for a perfect kitchen tool to obtain sauces without impurities or particularly clear, this model is for you. The Gobel 14114410 is created from stainless steel with good tinplate protection. Of superior quality, this accessory can then help you concoct delicious sauces whenever you want.

Its stainless steel canvas cone also includes a reinforcement piece with hook. Everything (the tail, the reinforcement and the hook) is fully riveted using a single piece. Thus, your kitchen strainer guarantees you a long life and a very good robustness. To delight your family or your guests, use this tin kitchen strainer and make your best sauces and concoct your best bisque recipes for any occasion.

Furthermore, it is recommended to wash each part of the Gobel 14114410 simply with water and dishwashing liquid, then dry the utensil properly. Avoid using an abrasive sponge so as not to damage its canvas.

We like

  • Its very good quality canvas
  • Its versatile side (ideal for making sauce, bisque or for filtering broth)

We like less

  • No negative opinions from users.

Lacor 60320P – optimal filtering for each use

Lacor 60320P

Simple in appearance, but totally stylish, the Lacor 6032P strainer will undoubtedly meet your kitchen requirements. The accessory is made of alloy steel and ensures unparalleled quality. It is manufactured with a more or less large capacity in order to receive a sufficient quantity of preparations to be filtered. The Lacor 6032P thus proves to be super practical in the kitchen, due to its ease of use and its astonishing efficiency.

Supplied with a wooden pusher (beech), this utensil model will pass your jams as well as your sauce binders without difficulty. Professional tool, it also promises you an irreproachable solidity, even for intensive use. The Lacor 6032P ensures that you always successfully filter your liquid preparations, without showing a flaw or wear. Easy to clean, just throw it in your dishwasher and dry it carefully to preserve its quality.

We like

  • Its modern design despite its simple appearance
  • Its practicality
  • Its good performance with each use

We like it less

  • Customers who have purchased the product note that the size of the pusher does not conform to that of the Chinese.

Lacor 62621 – an elegant model with a large capacity

From all appearances, the Lacor 62621 strainer is the tool that will enhance your cookware, due to its elegant appearance. This model is made of stainless steel and ensures perfect solidity during use. It also comes with delicately tight mesh to let no residue pass through the sieve. This kitchen utensil from Lacor is then an excellent choice if you are looking for a good quality product.

The Lacor 62621 also stands out for its large dimensions. Admittedly, the accessory may be cumbersome when you store it. However, with its large capacity, you will no longer have any difficulty in preparing a large quantity of sauces, creams or other liquid preparations. If you have trouble fitting it into your kitchen drawer, you can always hang it on your kitchen wall, using the hole at the end of its handle.

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To help you obtain a homogeneous preparation, without the slightest lump, the Lacor 62621 is supplied with a pusher made of beech. The latter perfectly matches the shape of this Chinese model, which will give you unparalleled comfort of use. Do not hesitate to use this pusher to pass your liquid preparations without difficulty.

We like

  • Its good quality
  • Its sturdiness
  • Its elegant design
  • Its conical handle
  • Its very tight mesh

We like it less

  • Some users claim that the product is a bit expensive.
  • The accessory is large. It takes up enough space in a drawer or kitchen cupboard.
  • For other customers, this model was a bit hard to find in the market.

How To Choose A Cuisine Chinois?

To prepare soups, gravy or thicker sauces, the strainer is an essential utensil. Available in various sizes and in several models, this conical accessory will find its place perfectly in one of your kitchen cupboards. Here are some selection criteria to consider before investing in a kitchen Chinese.

The material

To help you better choose your Chinese cooker in store or online, this comprehensive buying guide offers some effective advice. You should study several important parameters before buying this accessory, starting with its material of manufacture. This criterion should not be taken lightly if you do not want to be disappointed by the quality of the utensil when using it.

That said, bet on a robust and high-temperature resistant kitchen strainer by favoring white iron and stainless steel strainers. These types of materials are neutral in taste, allowing you to retain the flavor of your herbal teas and fatty sauces at all times. They are also easy to clean, and most are very dishwasher safe.

You still have to consider the fact that iron and stainless steel are metals. Each time you use them, it is better to maintain them and dry them optimally. This would greatly reduce the chance of rust that can result from moisture. Then store them in your kitchen drawer to preserve the quality of the mesh for a long time.

The Category

There are two types of Chinese food, namely the cheesecloth model and the perforated type. These two categories of utensil ensure remarkable practicality in use. However, you are free to choose the one that best suits your cooking needs, taking into account the thickness of your liquid preparations.

With the perforated type strainers, you can strain all kinds of liquid preparations. The holes in these utensils are between 1 and 2 mm in diameter. They allow maximum filtering of your soups or thick sauces, thanks to the integrated pestle on the tool.

Chinese stamens are also interesting. They are characterized by the presence of this incredibly fine and somewhat fragile mesh that is used a lot in dairies. If in the latter, the cheesecloth essentially contributes to the draining of curdled milk, in other recipes, it is used to purify not very dense preparations, such as custards, syrups, and even broths.


Check the elements that make up your Chinese kitchen, because these small details are very important. For ease of use and a pleasant grip, choose models with anti-burn handles. Thanks to this protection, you can prepare your recipes safely and grab your Chinese food easily.

Also opt for a Chinese kitchen with accessories in synthetic material. They are highly resistant to heat and offer unparalleled ergonomics. Otherwise, there are some Chinese models made with a hook at the other end of the utensil. Others are even equipped with two side hooks to attach firmly to the edges of your containers (saucepan, casserole dish, bowl, salad bowl, etc.).

What does Chinese mean?

In the world of gastronomy, chinoiser is a term used to explain the fact of filtering a liquid or fluid preparation, just at the top of any container. Sieving therefore means recovering a maximum of liquid content by crushing the mass inside the strainer.

Why Use A Cuisine Chinois?

In restaurant kitchens or at home, the strainer simplifies the passage of all liquid preparations, in order to obtain smooth and homogeneous contents. Given the extreme fineness of the grid of the utensil, using a strainer is thus effective if you want to filter a coulis, a broth or a particular sauce.

What Recipes Do You Use A Cuisine Chinois For?

A kitchen strainer is designed to prepare savory or sweet recipes. It is an accessory that works wonders when it comes to any preparation that needs optimal filtering (tea, broth, sauce, juice, etc.).

What is the difference between a colander and a strainer?

You can differentiate these two types of kitchen utensils by their shapes. The kitchen Chinese looks a bit like a funnel. It is used to extract the juices from any preparation by passing through a very fine mesh. The strainer, on the other hand, looks like a container (small or large) with holes or slots. It allows you to rinse your vegetables or your fruits with clear water or to perfectly drain your noodles or your rice.

Where to Buy a Kitchen Chinese?

You can make your choice of Chinese cuisine on sales sites such as Retif, Amazon or Cdiscount. You will find a whole collection of this kitchen tool with various models, materials and shapes.

What does going Chinese mean?

The expression “straining” refers to filtering the liquid of a culinary preparation in a kind of sieve. The goal is then to get rid of all the impurities and to aim for a content without any lumps and with a homogeneous texture.

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What is a Chinese Cheesecloth Exactly?

If a stainless steel kitchen sieve translates into a kind of very fine mesh strainer, the cheesecloth sieve is made from a flexible textile material. The stainless steel strainer is used for fairly strict filtering, while the cheesecloth strainer is able to filter your culinary preparations even more effectively.

Types Of Chinese Food

Les types de chinois de cuisine

There are two types of Chinese food that you can easily find online or in physical stores. Of course, you can choose the model that best suits your requirements. However, both have their advantages.

 The cheesecloth strainer

This type of kitchen strainer is easily identifiable with its extremely fine mesh. It is specially manufactured to ensure that the contents obtained are only liquid and do not contain any tiny particles.

 The classic Chinese

This model has relatively large holes. It will therefore pass the liquid of your preparations, certain fibers as well as medium-sized particles.

It should be noted, however, that large-mesh Chinese are also very popular, especially in restaurants. These types of Chinese are somewhat identical to sieves. They are ultra-practical, especially if you are looking for a good utensil to drain your preparations.

What Are The Various Uses Of A Cuisine Chinois?

Are you going to use a Chinese cooker for the first time? Discover below the ideal occasions to use this type of colander. You will know the particularities of this kitchen utensil compared to a simple colander or other utensils of the same category.

 To make sauces

Most often, smooth and creamy sauces from a marinade are used to enhance a particular recipe. We first extract all the pieces of food such as ingredients, vegetables or meat. Then, the juice or sauce is collected and added to recipes to make them even tastier. To successfully prepare your sauces or other liquid contents, the use of a Chinese cooker is essential. This accessory will play its role in the maximum filtering of your preparations, and it will at the same time preserve the juices of your cooking.

To make homemade fruit coulis

A high-quality kitchen strainer also stands out for its multifunctional appearance. In addition to properly filtering your sauces, it can, for example, help you make homemade coulis or fruit jelly. Your kitchen strainer will recover all your liquid preparations without letting any grains, however small, pass through. Concoct red fruit jellies and please the whole family by having them taste recipes based on raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants or currants.

To pass broths

Need to filter cooking juices or other liquid preparations effortlessly and quickly? A stainless steel or tin kitchen strainer will perform this task without any problem. Despite its small size, this accessory will rely on its quality and robustness to purify your broths. By using a model with the right diameter, these will pass without any problem through a strainer. You easily get rid of all the impurities, and you can set aside solid foods for your future recipes.

Tips for using a strainer A strainer

is primarily used to separate liquid from solid. When you create a recipe, this kitchen utensil will then ensure that your sauces or the juices from your cooking become a perfectly homogeneous mixture. But, how to use a Chinese cooker correctly?

To begin with, you have to consider the size of your chinese to take full advantage of its effectiveness. A large-diameter strainer is ideal if you want to isolate all the chunky foods from your preparation in one go. If you are using a small-diameter strainer, you must carry out the operation in several stages, depending on the quantity of liquid desired.

So, the best would be to take a salad bowl or a container large enough to accommodate your liquid preparations. Hold your Chinese cooker above the container or place it on the edges of the latter. Then pour your sauce or broth made up of herbs and ingredients of all kinds. Using its mesh, your strainer will ensure that the content obtained is absolutely fine and very clear.

Finally, it is recommended to press the leftover food into your Chinese cooker using a tablespoon or a ladle. By crushing large pieces of fruit, vegetables or other solid foods against the wall of the accessory, you will keep the juices from your cooking as well as the taste of your fragrant garnish.

How to clean a Chinese kitchen?

With an extremely fine-mesh strainer, cleaning the utensil can be a bit difficult without the proper materials and technique.

Before washing your Chinese, you must first know the type of dirt that has stuck to the wall of the tool. Then let it soak in warm water to easily and quickly soften the gunk. To have a satisfactory result, do not hesitate to boil your chinese food for about ten minutes.

After this step, take a small brush and gently scrub the accessory. Some kitchen strainers can also be cleaned with the rough part of an abrasive sponge. This trick eliminates all the remains of food encrusted on the Chinese mesh.

All these tips are effective for perfectly cleaning your Chinese kitchen. However, be aware that this utensil is also dishwasher safe. This solution allows you to save time and get a clean kitchen tool.

Can’t find the right utensil to filter the residue that accumulates in your sauce? Do not miss the Chinese kitchen, an accessory adapted to your conveniences and which allows you to save maximum of your time during your culinary preparations. This small kitchen tool will be your best ally, whatever the liquid or semi-liquid preparation to be made. Discover the best Chinese cuisine on our comparator. You will also find alternatives to this utensil such as the colander or the sieve, a kitchen accessory characterized by a flat bottom.

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