Cookie Press: The 5 Best Models In 2022

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When you have a weakness for cookies, the best thing is to learn how to make them. Besides, making cookies can be a very pleasant activity if you have children. In case you have found a cookie recipe and want to replicate it, you have probably read that you will need a cookie press because this accessory will make your life easier.

Indeed, if you plan to do without it, the preparation of your cookies may become quite tedious, since you will have to cut the dough with cookie cutters, which takes time. To make your cookies very quickly and without complicating your life, the cookie press is the utensil that you absolutely must acquire.

In order to help you make the wisest choice when it comes to cookie presses, we have assembled our team of experts and tasked them with testing the various products that are available in the market. After having tried the majority of presses that you will find on the market, they have given their verdict by presenting you with the ranking of the best cookie presses that exist.

Wilton Simple Success Cookie Press – entry level

Wilton Presse à Biscuits Simple Success 13 Pièces

Wilton Simple Success Cookie Press 13 Pieces

The Wilton Simple Success Cookie Press is one of the most coveted models. With a very contained weight of 0.59 pounds, this press has the advantage of having a very large capacity. When you want to prepare a large quantity of cookies, this is the model to turn to.

With a very ergonomic handle, the tube of the press has dimensions that are large enough. From then on, you will have a lot of ease to use it. One of the best commercially available cookie presses, the Wilton Simple Success Cookie Press model comes with a dozen discs.

As a result, you will be able to make cookies that are of all shapes. The most used discs are those in the shape of a Christmas tree, a crown, a snowman, a pumpkin, a turkey, a windmill, a star, or the sun.

We like

  • The handle is very soft
  • The equipment is easy to clean
  • The press is very versatile

We don’t like

  • The press is difficult to use

Lacor 68 989 Pastry Gun – the best value for money

Lacor 68 989 Pistolet pour Pâtisserie

In case you want to acquire a press with professional quality biscuit, you will not be disappointed by opting for the Lacor 68 989 Pistol model. Ergonomic and above all very efficient, this press is perfect whether you are a pastry chef or a simple cookie lover. With its 8 sockets and 13 discs which are made of stainless steel, this cookie press will allow you to make quite atypical shapes including the flower, the heart, the fir tree or the beetle. You can go even further in customizing your cookies by using the various accessories that come with them.

Having the design of a real firearm, the Lacor 68 989 Pastry Pistol is one of the easiest presses to use. Composed of a body large enough to accommodate your dough, a very solid handle that will allow you to hold the equipment and a piston with a trigger to project the dough and give it the desired shape, this press makes some of the most advanced on the market.

Designed in stainless steel, you can use it for many years, because your device will not fear corrosion. In addition, it is important to know that its maintenance is very easy. After each use, all you have to do is clean your press with soapy water and you’ll be done.

We like

  • Perfect for professional use, but also for home use
  • Real pastry gun
  • Presence of 8 nozzles and 13 disks
  • Solid device
  • Presence of a storage box
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We don’t like it

  • The plastic parts are fragile

Kitchen Craft Set Pastry Gun and Sockets – the most versatile

Kitchen Craft

Kitchen Craft

If you are hesitant to buy a cookie press, you should know that by opting for the Kitchen Craft model, you really won’t be disappointed. Indeed, this press is both practical and handy. Delivered with a storage box, this press is a piece of equipment that is of excellent quality. With its stainless steel body and its piston which is made of steel and plastic, the Kitchen Craft comes with 8 sockets and 13 discs.

Each of the shapes that you will manage to achieve will be quite atypical. Whether you use discs or nozzles, your cookies can be personalized to infinity. However, for ease of use, but also to guarantee the longevity of the equipment, it is recommended to prepare a paste that is not too firm.

Another aspect of the Kitchen Craft model is its versatility. Indeed, apart from cookie dough, you can also use it to successfully glaze your cakes or prepare your creams. Designed to suit both amateurs and professionals, this cookie press is robust, which will allow you to use it for many years.

We like

  • Easy to handle
  • Sufficiently robust press
  • Presence of 8 nozzles and 13 disks

We like less

  • The disks are made of plastic

De Buyer 3358.00 – our favorite

De Buyer 3358.00

To successfully prepare your biscuits, using a press is essential. In this case, you will definitely want to know which is the best press on the market. To answer this question, here is the De Buyer 3358.00 biscuit press. This model shines with its resistance, style and ease of use.

Made of polypropylene, the De Buyer 3358.00 biscuit press can be used for years without the slightest problem. Delivered with nearly 13 discs, the equipment will allow you to make biscuits of various and varied shapes. Note that to help you really personalize your creations, this press comes with 2 nozzles, one of which is 8mm. And if you want to get more casings, you will have no trouble finding them on the market.

Another strong point of the De Buyer 3358.00 biscuit press is that it is easy to use. With its non-slip handle, you will benefit from an excellent grip. In addition, it is important to specify that its capacity is almost 0.75 liters and that its weight is quite contained. Finally, the De Buyer biscuit press is easy to clean, for example you will have no trouble putting it in the dishwasher.

We like

  • Very practical press
  • Quite versatile
  • Professional quality equipment

We like less

  • Presence of only 2

Marcato 80105 nozzles Cookie press – the top of the range

Presse Marcato 80105 Presse à biscuits

Marcato 80105 press Cookie press

If you have made your cookies by hand for many years, you should know that this ordeal is finally over. Now you have the cookie presses and these really work. However, one press stands out among all the others, it is the Marcato 80105. This model which is simply irreproachable will allow you to give the desired shape to each of your creations.

Made of anodized aluminum, this press does not contain any product likely to alter the food you put in it. With excellent longevity, the Marcato 80105 is the most resistant of all. It is the epitome of equipment that is durable and easy to handle. Note that when you buy the item, it is delivered to you with many accessories including about twenty interchangeable discs.

In case you have children and you would like to spend a very pleasant time in their company, the use of the Marcato 80 105 is an excellent idea, since it will allow you to make different shapes of biscuits. Icing on the cake, you should know that this press is equipped with a very special setting that allows you to adjust the thickness of the dough according to your desires. From then on, you can make cookies as well as churros.

We like

  • Product of very good quality
  • Presence of different settings
  • Presence of 20 discs
  • Very easy maintenance

We like less

  • The price

How To Choose The Right Cookie Press?

As you probably know, a homemade cookie is more interesting than a store-bought product. However, to have a result that meets your expectations, it is important to use a cookie press. For many people, the cookie press is just a piece of equipment. However, his choice must be made with great care. In order to find the article that will allow you to make your preparations very easily, here are the criteria for selecting a good cookie press.

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Ease of use

Cooking should be a real pleasure. Therefore, it would be a shame if your utensils do not allow it. In case you are looking for a cookie press, you need to make sure that it is easy to use. In terms of shape, for example, choose a cookie press that is ergonomic enough to be easily and quickly handled.

Also take an interest in the operating mechanism of your press, including how you will have to get the dough in, how you will have to get it out or even the shapes you can give your cookies. Also be sure to choose a press that is easy to use and does not require you to exert a lot of force.


The maintenance of the biscuit press is a particularly important point. Indeed, equipment that is easy to maintain is the guarantee that it is durable. Note that if you have enough ease in cleaning your cookie press after each use, you are guaranteed to be able to use it in the best possible hygienic conditions.

You should know that the ease of maintenance of the cookie press concerns both the article itself and the accessories that are delivered to you with it. Make sure that the various parts of the press are easily removable and take care to scrupulously follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to cleaning the device. Very few users know this, but poor maintenance can significantly reduce the life of your equipment.


In order to acquire a cookie press of choice, it is important that you check the material in which the item is made. Note that the most reliable presses are those made of stainless steel or polypropylene. If the material of the cookie press is so important, it is because the article will have to be subjected to a very strong pressure. Therefore, it is preferable that it be sufficiently resistant.


When you want to use the full potential of your cookie press, it is best to opt for an item that comes with many accessories. The more accessories you have, the more the comfort of use of your press will be improved. Moreover, the presence of accessories will allow you to personalize your cookies or to make recipes that are out of the ordinary.

Many cookie presses today come with multiple sockets and multiple discs. However, the most prestigious models will also be accompanied by tips or syringes to open up the field to countless possibilities.

What Are The Benefits Of The Cookie Press For You?

The benefits of a cookie press are many and varied. Indeed, thanks to it, you can very easily prepare your cookies instead of buying them in the store. Note that you will also have the option of eating a product that is much healthier, since you will have chosen the ingredients that make up your cookies. But apart from that, here are other significant advantages of cookie presses:

  • You can make cookies like a chef  
  • You can use them with different kinds of doughs
  • You can make delicious cookies in a short time
  • Cookie presses are easy to use
  • Cookie presses are easy to clean

Another good thing about cookie presses is that they are inexpensive and have a very long lifespan.

What Different Types Of Cookie Presses Are There?

To help you make cookies that are really successful, you have the choice between different types of press.

  • The electric press: the electric press is a device that works with electricity. It is one of the easiest presses to use, because cutting the dough is very simple. On electric presses, just press a button and the dough is cut into the shape you want;
  • The manual press: A manual biscuit press is an equipment that you will have to use with the sole strength of your arms. This model will also allow you to produce very precise drawings or even a cutout that is simply perfect. Manual presses are usually equipped with a handle or a plunger;
  • The versatile press: Apart from electric and manual presses, you also have the possibility of acquiring presses that are versatile. These models have the particularity of being able to be used to make icing. Most of these presses come with decorative end caps.
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By opting for a versatile press, you will be able to make cakes as well as many treats.

How To Use A Cookie Press?

Utilisation de presse à biscuit

Using a cookie press is quite simple. Indeed, if you want to obtain excellent results, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Learn to use the functions of the equipment: when you want to use a cookie press, it is important to familiarize yourself with the equipment and its features. So try to understand how the device works, learn how to change the discs or place the sockets, etc. If your press came with a manual, be sure to read it.
  • Use a consistent dough: the consistency of the dough is the key when you want to succeed in the preparation of your cookies. Indeed, if you opt for a dough that is too liquid, it will be impossible for it to keep the shape you have given it. At the same time, avoid that your dough is too thick, because in the end, you will end up with very hard cookies.
  • Fill the equipment well: before you start pressing your cookies, you must fill the cylinder of your press with cookie dough. Be sure to fill it well so that your cookies are perfectly formed. A very full cylinder will allow you not to wait too long for the dough to go down.
  • Adopt the right gestures: now that your dough is prepared and the cylinder of your press is filled, you must preheat your oven and prepare your baking sheet. Once all these tasks have been completed, you will need to place your device a few inches from the plate and press the trigger only once. Be sure to leave space so your cookies don’t stick together while baking.

After using your press, make sure it is free of residue. Then disassemble the appliance and wash it or put it in the dishwasher if possible. And if your discs or sockets are hard to reach, just run them under a jet of water.

What is a Cookie Press?

The cookie press is a kitchen utensil unlike any other. It allows you to make beautiful cookies in various and varied shapes without you having to make any effort. The equipment will be of great use to you if you like baking and want to make different recipes alone or with your children. With a cookie press, your homemade cookies will have a consistent size.

Consisting of a cylinder, a piston, discs and sometimes sleeves, the cookie press will make your life much easier. Indeed, all you have to do is put the dough in it and press the plunger so that it comes out in the desired shape. As for the discs that give shape to the dough, you should know that they are rounded and have very distinct patterns.

Not all cookie presses work the same. Indeed, some are not equipped with a piston, but with a handle. Whichever model you choose, it is recommended that you place the item in an upright position on the hob.


If many models of cookie presses are available on the market, it is important to compare them carefully before choosing one. Make sure that the machine is durable and above all easy to use. Among the materials that are likely to satisfy you, you will find, for example, stainless steel.

A good cookie press is a device that will be offered to you with different accessories. From then on, the equipment will be versatile enough to allow you to carry out all of your preparations. Even though the cookie press is practical, it is important to select a model that does not cost too much either. By taking these different tips into account, choosing your cookie press will be easy and the equipment you buy will satisfy you on all counts.

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