Curling iron: the 11 best models in 2022

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Do you dream of pretty curls, but you don’t know which curling iron to choose? Many models are on the market and each have their specificity. In order to guide you in your purchase, we have selected and compared many models of curlers according to their coating, the technology, the type of curls they make or the type of hair for which they are intended.

A true ally of hairdressers, the curler quickly found a place in many homes. It performs curls thanks to a simple heat operation that has won over its users. No matter what type of curls you want, there is a model that will meet the challenge, so it’s up to you to target your expectations in order to make the best choice.

What is a Curling Iron?

A curling iron is a heated hair tool for creating different types of curls and waves. There are several technologies (steam, automatic, ionic) but also a wide choice of forms. Tight, wide, wavy curls, mermaid hair or even crimped hair; anything is possible with curling irons. 

It is not recommended to use it too frequently and for the more resistant to heat, it is possible to recreate curls with tips without a curling iron. Among them, we find curlers, the technique of rolling your hair on itself, etc. But the best hold for curls is without hesitation attributed to the curling iron.

Fezax – the cordless

curler The Fezax curling iron is the only cordless model in this comparison. You will probably recognize the device, a real star of dropshipping. Its compact design houses a rechargeable battery, guaranteeing 60 minutes. In order to preserve the autonomy of the device, it has an automatic shutdown. 

For even more security, it is also equipped with an anti-tangle system. Its 6 heat variations (150 to 200°C) will adapt to your hair type while guaranteeing a result to your liking. Note that the higher the heat, the more your curl will be pronounced and tight. Its 11 timer settings (8 to 18 seconds) will guide you in the shape to give to your loop.

The ceramic coating it has makes this curling iron suitable for all hair types thanks to its uniform heat distribution.

We like

  • Compact design
  • Wireless technology
  • Wide choice of temperatures
  • Numerous options
  • Ideal for fine hair

We don’t like

  • Use a little complicated
  • Not suitable for long hair
  • Low autonomy

Remington ‎S6606B – straightener, curler 2 in 1 

The Remington S6606B is a styler or also called a straightener/curler. It has two plates like a straightener, however they are twisted to create curls more easily.coating ceramic, offering even heat distribution, making this iron compatible with all hair types.alloy Tourmaline helps fight against frizz and electric hair thanks to its negative ion charge.

As for the temperature, this styler has 5 ranging from 150 to 230° C , thus allowing both smoothing and curling at an optimal temperature. Among the options of this iron is the memory function which automatically configures the styler to the last temperature used. For the more airheaded, it has an automatic shutdown that starts after 60 minutes.

We like

  • Coating suitable for all hair types
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Several temperature variations

We like less

  • Complicated to create curls

Dyson Airwrap – High-end

The famous Dyson Airwrap has fully deserved its place in this selection of curling irons. It is not really a curling iron but rather a curler since it does not use direct heat but diffuses hot air between 28 and 100° C on 3 different positions. It therefore uses much lower temperatures than all other curling irons. It is also the only one that can be used on damp hair. We recommend that you pre-dry them with the diffuser tip, and then use the curling cylinders. 

The Coanda effect will therefore attract the wick towards the cylinder of the Dyson in order to wrap it around. It offers tips suitable for long hair and short hair. It is therefore necessary to pay attention during your purchase that you take the tip kit adapted to your length. They are both made up of the same accessories: a hard brush, a soft brush (for smoothing), a round brush (for adding volume), two curling cylinders (one for each curl direction) and a pre-drying tip. The only difference is that for short hair, the tips are smaller (30mm short hair and 40mm long hair) to fit better.

Its power of 1600 W ensures that the device is ready to be used in 6 minutes, its LED indicator will warn you. Its innovative technology allows intelligent temperature control so that it does not exceed 150° C, much like the technology of GHD irons. It is multifunctional since it smooths, pre-drys and curls, it is a real must-have.

We like

  • Innovative technology
  • Adapts to all hair lengths
  • Less aggressive than a curling iron
  • Many accessories

We like less

  • Very high price
  • Not compatible with frizzy hair

Babyliss pro Miracurl steamtech BAB2665SE- Automatic steam

curler Babyliss Pro Miracurl Steamtech is the only steam curling iron in our selection. It is therefore also the only one equipped with a water tank (which it is recommended to fill with demineralized water), and another spare is provided. Its jets of steam guarantee an optimal hold of the structure of your curls.

It has 3 temperature variations, 190, 210 and 230°C which will allow you to create more or less pronounced curls depending on the chosen temperature.

In order to adapt the work of the iron to the result you want, Babyliss has equipped its iron with 3 duration settings of 8, 10 and 12 seconds which you will be able to recognize by the beep that accompanies it.

In terms of safety, the iron is equipped with a sleep mode that kicks in after 20 minutes and an automatic shut-off after 60 minutes. The device is also equipped with an anti-knot system thus avoiding any tearing of your hair in the event of a problem with its two rotation systems.

We like

  • Steam technology
  • Anti-tangle system
  • Multiple safeties

We don’t like

  • Water tank too small
  • Not recommended for fine hair

GHD Curve Classic Curl Tong- The Classic curling

iron The Classic curling iron par excellence is the GHD Curve Classic Curl. It has a long lifespan and is easy to use. Like most GHD models, it has a single temperature variation which is selected by the brand’s experts. On this device it is at 185° C. It guarantees visible results while preserving your hair. The ultra-zone TM technology continuously maintains this optimal heat.

Its 26 mm cylinder will allow you to obtain pretty bouncy curls. Its ceramic coating is suitable for all hair types, moreover it is compatible with all lengths. For users who tend to forget to turn off their curling iron, this curler offers an automatic shut-off after 30 minutes. As a bonus, it is guaranteed for 2 years by the brand.

We like

  • Compatible with all hair types
  • Long life
  • Ultra-zone TM technology
  • 2 year warranty

We don’t like

  • High price

Remington S3580 Ceramic Crimp – The best crimping iron

The Remington S3580 is in our opinion the best crimping iron . It has all the benefits of salon quality at home. Its ceramic coating also acts as an antistatic, its tourmaline alloy offers shiny hair without the slightest frizz. In fact, its ionic technology promises up to 4 times more protection for your hair.

Not only does its coating protect and respect all types of hair, but it also offers 8 heat variations between 150 and 220°C, thus respecting fine and thick hair while guaranteeing “crimped hair”, long hold for all hair types. . Its last asset is its rapid heating, which also makes it a quick device to use.

We like

  • Ceramic and tourmaline alloy
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Quick

We like less

  • No automatic standby

BaByliss Multi-Styler 10-1 MS22E – The multi-function iron

The Babyliss Multi-Styler is a multi-function iron just like the Dyson Airwrap. It allows you to straighten, curl and wave thanks to its 7 interchangeable accessories. It is coated with ceramic, the ideal material for all hair types. It allows an even distribution of heat on your hair.

The iron has waffle plates for backcombing your hair, a blow-dry brush for volume, and wave plates. In order to facilitate the changing of accessories, the iron uses a locking system for your safety. As a bonus, clips and barrettes are offered in the box.

We like

  • Multifunctional
  • Ceramic coating
  • Locking system

We like less

  • Not practical to travel because of the many accessories

BaByliss Conical Wand 25-13mm – Conical curler

The Conical Wand conical curler from Babyliss is the classic curler to have. This model is a professional iron that will be the best ally for a dream wave. It consists of a handle where you can regulate the temperature between 160 and 210°C depending on the nature of your hair.cylinder 25-13 mm ceramicThis quick-to-heat coating guarantees good heat diffusion and thus does not attack your hair.

It is an iron suitable for all hair types, but it is particularly recommended for girls with long hair. It is supplied with a protective glove and a heat-resistant mat. Its warranty is 3 years.

We like

  • Supplied with accessories
  • Wide choice of temperatures
  • Ceramic coating

We like less

  • Not the easiest to use

BaByliss Curling Wand 10 mm – The iron for curly hair

The professional curling iron Curling Wand by Babyliss is the ideal device for very small curls and tight. It adapts perfectly to short/curly hair. Indeed its 10mm promises beautiful curly hair. Its ceramic coating guarantees rapid heating and makes it accessible to all hair types. On its handle you can adjust the temperature between 160° C and 210° C, so that it is adapted to your hair type.

Just like the Conical Wand, it is guaranteed for 3 years by Babyliss and comes with a protective glove and a heat-resistant mat.

We like

  • 3-year
  • warranty Ceramic coating
  • Suitable for all hair lengths

We don’t like

  • temperature still high

Remington XL 32mm, B09RNBCK18 – The ideal iron for big curls

The Remington B09RNBCK18 XL is the perfect iron for big, glamorous curls . It has an imposing cylinder of 32 mm suitable for both long and medium-length hair. Its ceramic coating heats up in 30 seconds and adapts to all types of hair.

Its LCD screen allows you to adjust the heat of the iron between 130 and 210°C. If you forget to turn it off, don’t worry, it has an automatic shut-off that kicks in after 60 minutes.

This curling iron comes with a heat-resistant pouch and a protective glove.

We like

  • Ceramic coating
  • Comes with accessories
  • Automatic standby

We like less

  • Not suitable for short hair

Ckeyin – The 3-head

iron The Ckeyin curling iron has 3 cylindrical heads, arranged next to each other. They will create “S” waves, for a natural wave effect. The ceramic and tourmaline coating guarantees protection and shine to your hair. Thanks to the ceramic, this device is therefore compatible with all types of hair. 

It is also very quick to heat up, in about 30 seconds.

It is a flagship dropshipping, be careful where you buy yours because sites are likely to resell it for much more. It comes with a thermo-protective glove to curl your hair safely 

We like It

  • Simple to use
  • Tourmaline and ceramic coating

We don’t like

  • Only 2 temperature variations

How To Choose A Curling Iron?

Major brands such as GHD, Remington or Babyliss all have a wide choice of curlers to meet the expectations of all their customers. It guarantees volume and movement like at the hairdresser but at home. A true essential these days, the curling iron has evolved since it now has technologies and coatings to preserve your hair from the heat. 

They have different temperature variations, as well as diameters of all sizes to suit all types of curls. You will also need to note its handling which will partly determine its ease of use. These are all its characteristics that you will need to take into account before investing in your curling iron in order to guarantee optimal use according to your expectations.


The diameter of the curling iron and the most important thing to consider when making your choice. They are generally in size between 10 and 40 mm, leaving a wide choice possible. The smaller the cylinder, as on the BaByliss Curling Wand 10mm, the tighter the curl will be, giving a perfect curly result on short or mid-length hair. On the contrary, the Remington XL 32mm and its larger cylinder, will be perfect for long hair and a result of almost “natural” waves in your hair. 

Choose the diameter that corresponds to both your length and your desire for curls. And if you can’t decide, then opt for a multifunction iron like the BaByliss Multi-Styler 10-1 MS22E.

Hair type 

Not all curling irons on the market are suitable for your hair type. 

Fine/damaged/bleached hair: For this type of hair we recommend that you use a low temperature curling iron so as not to overheat your already damaged hair. To do this, choose irons whose minimum temperature is as low as possible, such as the Remington XL 32mm, which starts at 130°. The Dyson airwrap will also be an alternative since it does not work like a classic iron but with heated air and is therefore less aggressive. 

In terms of coating, banish titanium which risks causing serious damage and favor ceramic alone or in an alloy with Tourmaline.

Thick/curly hair : Prefer an iron whose maximum temperature is high enough but not too high, such as the Babyliss Conical Wand which goes up to 210°C. This type of hair requires higher temperatures to hope for an optimal result. In terms of coating, you can turn to all that it is titanium, ceramic or even tourmaline. But remember that titanium tends to be less protective than others. As for the technology, for these hair types we recommend the ionic technology which will tame your frizz while adding shine.

Desired effect

Depending on the devices, their tip, their functionality, the curls you will obtain will not be the same. In order to guide you in your decision, we have recommended a type of device for each type of buckle as well as a model from our comparison.


For a Wavy effect, off the beach and quite natural, we recommend conical curling irons with a diameter between 25 and 30mm. These curling irons will have the advantage of creating a rather loose curl and therefore not tight and rigid like English curls. The GHD creative Curl will be perfect for this effect since it is conical and has an ideal diameter for the wavy you dream of.


curls If you dream of curly hair or simply very tight curls, you will either have to lean towards a classic curling iron with a very small diameter like the

BaByliss Curling Wand and its 10 mm tip, or towards a curling iron. automatic curling like the Babyliss pro Miracurl steamtech BAB2665SE. With these two irons you will get small structured curls. Don’t forget to spray your tight curls well if you want to keep their structure all day long.


curls Wide curls, the most “natural”, will be easier to execute than tight curls. For this you will need a conical iron such as the Babyliss Conical Wand and its 13-25 mm tip for a fairly loose and natural result. You can also turn to large diameter cylindrical irons like the Remington XL 32mm which thanks to the width of its cylinder will create large relaxed curls.


For waves, you’ll either need to turn to a 3-head waver like the Ckeyin or a crimper like the Remington S3580. The waves will bring volume to your hair without having to curl it. It’s also faster to make than curls.


The choice of technology for your iron should be made according to your hair type and your expectations of it. Automatic curling irons will tend to create tight curls, combined with steam like the Babyliss Steamtech the result will be much looser and more natural. The steam makes it possible to give flexibility to the hair while guaranteeing it shine. This technology is particularly recommended for fine and damaged hair since it is not a question of heat in direct contact with your hair fiber but of diffusions by steam jet less aggressive for the hair.

Ionic technology is also widespread. It allows a diffusion of negative ions on your hair, guaranteeing a barrier effect to electric and frizzy hair. This technology is very effective on thick and/or damaged hair.


A good grip of your curling iron is essential, since it is generally long enough to curl all of your hair. So choose a light iron, with a fairly long and rotating cord, making it easier, for example, to curl the back of your head, which is particularly difficult to reach when curling your hair alone.


The temperature that your iron offers must be adapted to your hair type, so as not to damage your hair fiber irreversibly. For fine, damaged, discolored hair, choose an iron that offers fairly low temperatures between 120 and 150°C. For thick, curly hair it will be necessary to use stronger heat to have a real result. Count between 180 and 220°C, without going into excessive heat which could damage your hair.


Each coating has its benefits, its advantages it must therefore be selected according to its benefits and its compatibility with your hair type. It varies depending on the curling iron models, but the most common is ceramic. The coating therefore limits the damage that curling irons can cause to your hair. In order to fully understand the action of each, here are some explanations.


Tourmaline is above all a semi-precious stone, naturally charged with negative ions. It releases them and counters the positive ions present in your hair, sometimes making your hair electric and dull. We particularly recommend this coating to damaged, discolored, sensitized hair.


Titanium has many advantages. The first is its lightness, making it easier to handle. The second is its long lifespan which will ensure that your device stays with you for as long as possible. This coating allows an even distribution of heat on your hair. Titanium is, however, slightly less protective for your hair than tourmaline or ceramic. We therefore do not recommend it for sensitized, bleached hair.


As said before, ceramic is the most widely used coating for heated hair appliances. This is explained by its ability to heat up quickly, thus allowing quick handling. In addition, just like titanium, it allows a uniform diffusion of heat, thus fighting against the risk of burning the hair fiber. This action makes ceramic a coating suitable for all types of hair, hence its great use by manufacturers of straighteners and curlers.

How To Use A Curling Iron?

  1. Start by plugging in your device and adjusting the temperature to suit your hair type and the curls you want.
  2. Make sure you have your hair dry (except when using the Dyson airwrap which is used on wet hair) and detangled before using the curling iron so as not to damage your hair.
  3. It’s optional but we recommend using a heat protectant spray (we’ve selected some for you below) to protect your hair fiber.
  4. Select your wick and wrap it around the tip of the curling iron, so that in contact with the heat it takes the shape of the cylinder. (Don’t forget to pay attention to the direction you want your loop to have).
  5. If your looper is equipped with pliers, pinch and otherwise hold with your hand (to avoid any risk of burns, put on a glove) for about 6 to 8 seconds.
  6. Do the rest of your hair in the same way by changing the direction of the curls for your 2 sides of the skull.
  7. Finally, don’t forget to turn off your iron.
  8. If you want to loosen your curls without breaking them, run a coarse-toothed iron through your curls.
  9. Again, this is not mandatory, but in order to close the cuticle of the hair that has just been exposed to heat, you can apply an oil or a repairing care without rinsing

. Note that these explanations of use concern the curling irons called “classic”, cylindrical and conical. For crimping irons, automatic curling irons as well as 3-head curling irons, the use is not the same. You will find a user guide for these 3 products in each of their comparative articles.

What Type Of Curling Iron Are There?


The iron has a design resembling that of the hair straightener. It is made up of two plates with notched coating which have the function of creating relief and a “mini-wave” appearance. It is fast, efficient and above all easy to use. If you want to find the “crimped hair” of the 2000s, it is on this type of device that you must lean.

head iron 3-head

irons have a rather imposing design, due to its 3 cylinders aligned next to each other. If you want a very natural “mermaid hair”, opt for this easy-to-use device. With it in record time you can wave all your hair. It is therefore perfect for impatient people who find classic curling irons too long to use.


The automatic iron is unlike any other curling iron, since it has a motor that drives its rotating mechanism. Easy to use, all you have to do is slip your wick into the head of the device. And there in one click you will get beautiful curls in no time. It’s perfect for anyone who can’t get by with a classic curler.

Cylindrical or conical

iron Cylindrical iron is the curling iron par excellence. When we talk about curling irons, it is always this type of model that we think of because it is the best known. To use it, you will need to grab your hair strand and wrap the barrel of the curling iron around it. In contact with the heat, it will take the shape of the tip of the curling iron. There is a wide choice of cylindrical and conical loopers with different diameters, in order to meet all loop sizes.


iron The 2-in-1 iron, also called Styler or straightener/curler, has, as its name suggests, both functions. It looks a lot like a straightener since it has two metal plates, sometimes inclined depending on the model, allowing you to recreate perfect curls. For some of these devices they have an outer metal coating to wrap the hair around like a cylindrical curling iron. It is perfect for all those who have not been able to make a choice between straightener and curling iron.


-function iron A multi-function iron generally has several tips. Among the best known are, for example, the Dyson airwrap and the BaByliss Multi-Styler 10-1 MS22E. This type of device generally has quite similar options such as smoothing via smoothing brushes or smoothing plates. The looper option via waffle plates, cylinders or even a brushing tip to bring volume to your hair. All of these options depend on the device you select. It is an economical choice since it combines several devices into one.

What Heat Protectant Should You Apply Before Using Your Curling Iron?

Protecting your hair from the heat of your curling iron is an essential step. Although it is not mandatory, we strongly recommend that you use one, otherwise your hair fiber will deteriorate over the uses of your iron. This product will act as a barrier between the heat emitted by your appliance and your hair. We recommend using it before any heating device that will come into contact with your hair. 

They apply to dry or wet hair and are in the form of a spray. Easy to use, all you have to do is apply it to your lengths only so as not to grease your roots. There are many on the market, so in order to choose which one meets your expectations, we have selected 3 different ones.

GHD Bodyguard – the top of the range 

The Bodyguard heat protection spray from GHD is a bestseller of the brand. Its advanced protection technology allows you to style like a professional while preserving the quality of your hair. Indeed, the moisturizing agents of this spray act as a barrier between the hair and the heat diffused by the device. The spray contains 120 ml and can be applied to both dry and damp hair.

Franck Provost Expert 230°C protection –  most effective

TheIt promises a protective action up to 230°C thanks to its composition enriched with Keratin. It moisturizes, protects and shines your hair to protect it from the heat of styling tools. It contains 300 ml and can be used every day.

Revlon UniqOne – The 10 in 1

The Revlon UniqOne is not only a heat protectant since it is actually a 10 in 1 spray mask. Indeed, it repairs, shines, protects from heat, softens, protects colored hair, optimizes smoothing, detangles, fixes your hairstyle, limits split ends and finally it brings texture and volume to your hair. It comes in different flavors: lotus, green tea, coconut and classic.

This product has revolutionized the world of hairdressing with its many actions in a single product. It contains 150 ml and is applied to detangled and damp or dry hair.

What Hairspray Should You Use To Set Curls In Your Hair?

In order to fix your curls and keep them as long as possible, we recommend that you apply hairspray. It would be a shame to have taken so long to curl your hair for your curls to come undone. In order to choose the right one, we have selected some for you.

Syoss Ultra Hold Hairspray – The most fixative

Syoss Ultra Hold Hairspray promises hold and control of your hairstyle for up to 48 hours. It does not stick and protects your hair from UV rays. To use, spray 30cm onto dry hair. Its light texture will not weigh your hair down. This lacquer contains 400ml and is easily removed from your hair by brushing it. 

L’Oréal Elnett – The most famous

L’Oréal’s Elnett hairspray is very well known and this is due to its effectiveness. It offers 24h hold to your hairstyles as well as suppleness and shine to your hair. This hairspray comes in a compressed 75ml format but offers as much use as a 150ml hairspray with 50% less gas.

Does a Curling Iron Damage Hair?

A curling iron if used too often, in intense heat and without protection can actually damage your hair. To avoid this, we recommend that you use a thermo-protective spray before each use of your iron. To choose the right heating temperature, so that it is compatible with your hair type. And above all, choose an iron with a coating adapted to your hair fiber.

Only real protection for your hair and not to use your curling iron too often, it remains an exposure to high heat for your hair.

What Type Of Curling Iron For A Wavy Effect?

For a very trendy wavy effect, opt for a conical curling iron. Its shape will give a very natural result so you too can have the hair of a star.

What Is The Best Type Of Curling Iron For Short Hair?

Pour des cheveux courts et un résultat optimal, les fers à boucler cylindrique possédant un petit diamètre comme le Babyliss Curling Wang 10mm. Ils auront une chaleur adaptée qui ne brûlera pas votre cuir chevelu et vous permettront d’avoir de jolies boucles bien prononcées, et surtout qui ne se cassent pas.

Peut-On Utiliser Un Fer À Boucler Sur Cheveux Mouillés ?

NON ! C’est l’erreur à ne pas faire. Pour le lisseur c’est pareil, il ne faut surtout pas utiliser ces appareils sur cheveux mouillés car cela risquerait de brûler, faire éclater la fibre capillaire de vos cheveux. En effet, le contact de la chaleur du fer sur vos cheveux mouillés crée une vapeur néfaste qui favorise la déshydratation de vos cheveux.

La seule exception à la règle est le Dyson Airwrap et sa technologie qui consiste à créer des boucles sur cheveux humides en diffusant de l’air chaud dans un cylindre. À son contact la mèche de cheveu s’enroule et garde la forme du cylindre. 

Peut-On Faire Des Boucles Sans Fer À Boucler ?

Oui, il est possible de faire des boucles sans boucleur. Avec utilisation de chaleur, vous pourrez obtenir des boucles avec votre lisseur en l’inclinant sur votre mèche tout en faisant glisser le fer. Toujours avec chaleur, il est possible d’utiliser des bigoudis chauffants qui vous permettront d’obtenir des boucles bien serrées. 

Comme option sans chaleur il existe également les traditionnels bigoudis mais aussi les nombreuses techniques comme les tresses sur cheveux mouillés qui créent de jolies ondulations. Vous trouverez de nombreux tutos et alternatives sur internet.

Où Acheter Un Fer À Boucler ?

Vous pourrez vous procurer un fer à boucler dans des enseignes spécialisées dans la coiffure, telles que Bleu Libellule ou encore La boutique du coiffeur. Ils sont également présents dans les magasins d’électroménager comme Darty ou Boulanger, mais aussi dans le rayon électroménager de votre supermarché. Vous retrouverez également tous vos modèles de fer à boucler préférés sur internet via des plateformes comme Amazon ou Cdiscount qui auront l’avantage de proposer régulièrement des offres et promotions intéressantes.

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