Insulated bottle: The 8 best models in 2022

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The insulated bottle is the daily companion of more and more French people. We can’t resist them and the brands compete in ingenuity, especially in terms of design and colors. These are reusable containers that allow you to buy fewer disposable mineral water bottles and save money. Perfect for both hot and cold drinks, it’s a great travel bottle.

Some brands are already standing out like Chilly’s and Qwetch. Switch to the reusable bottle!

We have selected the 8 best models of insulated bottles.

Chilly’s: The most popular

Bouteilles Chilly’s

You’ve probably seen it on social networks or in specialty stores or not.insulated bottles stainless steel ! And for good reason.bottle model reliable that keeps your drink hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Its cap is screwed on the neck which is wide enough to easily put ice cubes. This makes it easier to clean as well.

What we love: It is certainly popular but do not be afraid to have the same as your neighbor. It’s not risky! It is available in 3 different sizes (260 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml) and in a multitude of different colors and patterns.

It is a quality insulated bottle that will be your companion in the office and on the go. The thermal insulation takes place thanks to a double wall which prevents condensation from forming on the outer wall. In addition, it is compatible with most widths of cup holders.

We advise you to clean it well before use, either by hand with a little soap or in the dishwasher. This willavoid the metallic taste that these new bottles often have during the first uses. 

We like

We like less

  • its reliability
  • its choice of colors and patterns
  • the different sizes
  • risk of persistent metal taste and smell

Qwetch: The alternative

QWETCH - Bouteille Isotherme

The Qwetch brand offers models of insulated bottles that are basically similar to previous models from Chilly’s. The quality is equivalent. What could be decisive for your choice would undoubtedly be the patterns that are created by one brand and not by the other.

The bottle from Qwetch is made of stainless steel. It keeps your drink hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours with its double insulating wall. Its neck closes with a screw cap

500ml is an ideal size for a transportable insulated bottle. 

What we liked with this model is that they are original insulated bottles. This one in particular with its wood print is very elegant.

Qwetch bottles can also be found in large numbers on Ambiance and Style. However, Amazon offers the same models at more attractive prices.

We like

We like less

  • nice coating
  • good capacity
  • a bit expensive depending on the models

Proworks: value for money


The Proworks bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and your drinks hot for 12 hours. But what does it have more than the others? It is simply safe food phthalate and BPA free. Even for nature, it is an eco-friendly bottle that is durable and reusable. It does not support the dishwasher and this forces you to wash it by hand. But, it should be noted that it has the advantage of having a hermetic system which avoids leaks. It can also resist rust, which is a significant plus.

The Proworks is available in 4 different sizes : 350 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1 L. It can therefore suit all thirsts. Lots of colors are available and there are even prints on some bottles.level Design, you have a choice.

We like

We like less

  • 100% food safe
  • available in several colors and patterns
  • airtight
  • 4 different sizes
  • without BPA or phthalates
  • durable and reusable
  • not dishwasher safe

Monbento: The Smart Insulated Bottle

MB Genius -Bouteille Isotherme Intelligente

We have found a bottle for you bit high-tech from the French quality Monbento! The brand also makes Lunchboxes and other types of insulated water bottles as well as reusable bottles.

This French insulated bottle is qualified as intelligent since the temperature of your drink contained is displayed on the cap in degrees Celsius. To tell you if your drink is too hot or cold, the logo on the screen of the cap changes color from blue to red via green.

Made of stainless steel, it does not contain BPA and its reliability is guaranteed. Its tightness is guaranteed by its screw cap

With an ideal capacity of 500 ml, take it everywhere with you and keep your cold and hot drinks at temperature for 12 hours

This model is guaranteed for 2 years!

We like

We like less

  • display of the temperature of the drink
  • good
  • good width of the neck
  • simple and elegant
  • relatively expensive

Aladdin Zoo Thermavac: For children

Aladdin Zoo Thermavac™ Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Isn’t it cute? This Thermavac insulated bottle is ideal for children with its reasonable capacity of 430 ml and its good grip. Light and waterproof you can take it everywhere.

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What made us crack is this adorable look of animals with small ears: from the rabbit to the tiger via the dog and the owl there is something for everyone.

No risk of a wet or damp bag with its insulating double wall which prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle. Your cold drink will be at temperature for 7 hours. Its screw cap has a fairly wide neck, ideal for cleaning.

This stainless steel insulated bottle is guaranteed to be durable , BPA and rust-free

This is not specified on the product sheet but we do not recommend serving a hot drink in this bottle. In addition, since this product is intended for children, it could present a risk of burns. 

We like

We like less

  • very cute look
  • wide neck
  • good
  • no details on impact resistance

Moovtek: tea infuser


The Moovtek differs from other bottles thanks to its watertightness 100 % and above all by certification its FDA and LFBG which guarantees that this bottle is not harmful to your health. It keeps all your drinks whether hot or cold at the same temperature for 12 hours. This bottle has a strainer with two sieves for a good infusion of fruit or tea.

It is preferable and advisable to wash it by hand because it does not seem to support the dishwasher. It is guaranteed for one year and can be used by an entire family. But, design level, there is no choice. You will have to settle for dark blue.

We like

  • tea and fruit infuser
  • 100% airtight
  • FDA and LFBG certification

We like less

  • hand washing
  • no choice of design

Kailh Bottle: A nice design

KAILH Bouteille d'eau

This pretty bottle from the Kailh brand is all stainless steel and BPA free

What caught our eye was its slightly more original than the usual stainless steel bottles. 

It comes in several colors but also in several sizes ranging from 500 ml to 1L through 600 and 750 ml. It’s up to you to choose the capacity that suits you according to your needs. 

Its screw cap makes it a 100% leak-proof. Ideal to take it everywhere with you. It keeps your hot drinks at temperature for 12 and your cold drinks for 24 hours

This model is guaranteed for 12 months.

We like

We like less

  • its original
  • solid
  • waterproof
  • nothing to report

Umi: large choice of design


The design is what sets the Umi apart from other bottles. Rainbow, gradient colors or stripes, you are bound to find what you are looking for. What is significant is that it offers the same capabilities as its competitors and that it has not bet everything on appearance.

It keeps the temperature of your cold drinks 24 hours and your hot drinks for 12 hours. It is 100% BPA and toxin free. It has a capacity of 500 ml so it is small and practical. Children use it without any problem. But, it is not dishwasher safe and does not support saline liquids.


  • a large choice of design
  • 100% BPA and toxin free


  • not dishwasher safe
  • does not tolerate salt

How to choose an insulated bottle?


Size, weight and

capacity Insulated bottles generally have a size approaching the size of a classic bottle. The smallest models are 260ml and the largest 1L or 1.2L. However, we advise you to prefer a 500ml bottle for daily personal use. This format is less bulky. 

Insulated stainless steel bottles are all more or less the same weight and are relatively light.

Materials and Durability

Most truly insulated and reliable insulated bottles are made of stainless steel. These are models that resist shocks relatively well and today the bottles that you will find on the market are quite light.

Very often the manufacturers guarantee their bottles without plastic and without BPA for more safety and for a better insulation also because the bottles all out of plastic only insulate very badly see almost not.

For children, stainless steel bottles are certainly the most reliable in terms of material safety, especially if you are looking for an insulated bottle for babies. 

Some glass bottles with a double wall can be presented as insulated bottles. Although they keep your drink hot for example well, they will certainly not keep it for hours. In addition, these are bottle models that are not always waterproof and which, in addition to being quite heavy, are brittle. Not very practical if you move around a lot.

Ergonomics, design and patterns

Insulated bottles generally have a classic bottle appearance. These are long containers that are easy to fit in your bag and take with you everywhere. 

Insulated bottles are more and more popular, so to stand out don’t hesitate to choose an original pattern or color, there’s something for everyone. 

Waterproofing and thermal insulation

This item is supposed to go with you wherever you go, so why waste time on a leaky bottle? When you make your choice, pay attention to the tightness of your bottle. With screw caps normally you will not have a problem.

As far as thermal insulation is concerned, this is done by a double wall which insulates both hot drinks and cold drinks. It avoids that when the drink is hot, it does not heat the outer wall and therefore does not heat your hand when grabbing your bottle; or that when the drink is cold there is condensation.


What can make cleaning your bottle difficult is a narrow neck that won’t allow you to pass a sponge or a small brush

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So prefer a gourd with a wide neck because in addition to being able to put ice cubes in your cold drink, you can pass a swab (utensil for cleaning bottles and baby bottles) without any problem.

Most models are dishwasher safe. But check the compatibility of your bottle before putting it in the wash. 

Otherwise a simple wipe with a sponge and hot water with a little dishwashing liquid and alcohol vinegar is sufficient. 

At least once a month disinfect your insulated bottle to avoid any mold and bad smell. With a little hot water and baking soda, shake vigorously and do not hesitate to iron a little soap to neutralize odors. 

It often happens that when your stainless steel bottle is new it has a strong smell of metal. Clean there several times when unpacking and leave it open.

The accessories

The insulated bottles in our selection are reliable and relatively simple, but there are different types of insulated bottles with all types of accessories. 

Some containers may havea straw or a straw-like spout to suck up the water. Be careful if it is not a sport type cap, the tightness of your container is not necessarily guaranteed. 

We rather find this type of accessory on thermoses, but the cup is always very practical, especially when there are several of us. On some models the cap can be used as a cup or the bottom of the bottle is actually a double bottom which unscrews or unclips to recover the cup.

A great favorite of tea lovers: the infuser or strainer.strainer tea is generally removable and is placed at the level of the neck and then slips into the bottle so that your drink is infused directly into your bottle. The infuser can be larger since it is generally for placing fruit in. Thus it will be present on containers with a neck wide enough to pass the fruits through. 

For bottles whose manufacturing material is not insulated in itself, a removable cover in which to slip it. It is the cover that will act as insulation. However, this type of product is much less reliable than a double-walled container.

Insulated Bottle Brands

In the world, 7 brands are competing for the insulated bottle market.


logo thermos

First of all, the Thermos which is the first to market this type of product. It is the best known in the world since it is present in 115 countries on all continents. This is the eponymous brand traditionally associated with keeping liquids at the chosen temperature. However, she has competition.


The Qwetch brand manufactures insulated bottles durable and aims to reduce waste. In fact, she representsecology in this environment, which is a great advantage. Stainlesssteel is seen as the best material for bottles or water bottles and that’s what their products are made of (most often). You should know that she also makes the best food containers, whether teapots or even lunch boxes. It is therefore not surprising to see this brand among the best in the market for insulated bottles.


brand Chilly also produces stainless steel which are guaranteed BPA free. They are therefore environmentally friendly and durable. The brand’s goal is to maintain the perfect beverage temperature and reduce plastic waste. However, design is very important to her because in order for consumers to no longer use disposable plastic bottles, their bottles must be attractive. This is the case today, since they have become very popular. They’re even on Instagram.

720 Dgree

logo 720dgree

720 Dgree, the German brand, defends itself against its competitors. Performance wise, it’s hard to top with all the tests their bottles go through to be as reliable as possible. We can also say that the design is really very good because there are many choices in terms of colors and prints.

Mossy Oak

They are not much bought by families but rather by hunters and hikers. The bottles of the American brand Mossy Oak are not made for a short trip to the office but they have managed to stand out among athletes. This brand mainly markets outdoor equipment so it is understandable that their bottles follow the same theme.


In quality/price ratiobrand MoovTek surpasses the others because not only does it produce isothermal bottles at the cutting edge of technology, but in addition an ordinary person can easily obtain one.the Technology strong point of this brand and rare are those who can do better at this level.


Laken, on the other hand, is a Spanish company that sells camping. Who says camping says water bottle and bottle. Their products are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Proworks Fitness

Finally, Proworks Fitness is the brand that represents sport among its competitors since it specializes in this universe. It is also the one that is the most popular in general and that we find directly first on the pages of e-merchants.

An Insulated Bottle For Soup?

In principle, you can put any type of hot or cold liquid in your insulated bottle. Putting a soup to go there shouldn’t be a problem. However , avoid thick soups and prefer broths (without pieces or vegetables). It’s more convenient to have a bottle with a wide enough mouth to do this, since you’ll have to clean it thoroughly after use. If you pour anything other than water into it, clean your bottle at the end of the day. Rinse your water bottle properly after putting soup in it so that it doesn’t dry out. Wipe with a sponge and dishwashing liquid to remove any traces of grease. 

What is a Thermos Flask?

In Greek, “iso” means equal and “thermos” means hot. This means that an insulated bottle keeps the temperature of your drinks for a certain period of time. At the moment, it is impossible to maintain a temperature in a bottle indefinitely. In general, hot drinks keep 12 hours and cold drinks for 24 hours.

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The first insulated bottle was marketed in 1904 by the German company Thermos. But, it was invented by James Dewar who forgot to file his patent. The company therefore took the opportunity to file a patent. A lawsuit was held but James Dewar was unable to obtain his inventor rights.

How does an insulated bottle work?

The mode of operation of an insulated bottle is based on 3 phenomena that must be avoided: conduction, convection and electromagnetic radiation. To prevent conduction, use the Dewar. It consists of taking two bottles and putting one inside the other but only in suspension to avoid contact.

Convection is also avoided with this technique which allows the fluids not to move thanks to the vacuum between the two bottles. As for electromagnetic radiation, it is the reflective walls on the inside and outside that allow the outside radiation to be reflected and prevent the liquid inside from escaping.

Who are insulated bottles intended for?

Insulated bottles are mainly intended for active people such as athletes, workers or children. Because if you need to keep the temperature of your drink, it’s because you don’t have the opportunity to drink it right away or go get one all the time.


If you are an active person, whether for hiking or jogging, an insulated bottle can be very practical. You’re not always going to stop to buy a cold water or your energy drink! Instead of imposing this constraint on you, it is more practical to take an insulated bottle to drink where you want and when you want. Especially since in the forest for example, it is rare to come across a store… So, if you prefer to have a drink at the right temperature and close at hand, you know what you have to do!


No time to queue for a coffee? An insulated bottle is perfect for you. Not only will you not need to move during your break, but your drink will be at the perfect temperature. It ‘s a time saver !


They are usually always on the move doing different activities. So for them, an insulated bottle is exactly the container for them. And if, all day, a lambda bottle remains in their bag, their drink is not likely to be very good.

Insulated Bottle Or Insulated Gourd?

There is no huge difference between the water bottle and the insulated bottle. The main thing is their thermal insulation and considered to be insulated bottle a container more sporty with a sports cap or a straw, etc. 

A thermos bottle is more likely to have a screw cap and a fairly simple design resembling a classic bottle. In short, a bottle that you can reuse over and over again. 

For gourds as for bottles, there are various models in shape and with different accessories.

Which Insulated Bottle For Tea?

It all depends on whether you are looking for a bottle to infuse your tea directly or not. We recommend a stainless steel, which is easy to clean and less likely to be stained by tannin. You can directly put a sachet or a ball in a simple bottle or prefer a model with a tea strainer so that the infusion is done directly in your bottle. This latest model is very convenient for loose tea lovers. 

How do I filter the water in my insulated bottle?

There are several solutions. To avoid any trace of tartar or limestone, we advise you to put filtered water in your bottle. This can also prevent odors or mold. 

However, you can use filters that go directly into your bottle and improve the quality of your water. It is a solution that is good for health and more economical to buy bottled mineral water. 

There are several solutions such as ceramic balls, Brita filters or even pieces of charcoal which are more and more popular. Wait a little before consuming your water (1 to 8 hours) to be sure that the elements have taken effect. Change your filtering agent every month.

The insulated bottle is an excellent solution against waste and to save money. This container accompanies you everywhere and keeps your drinks hot and cold.

Where to buy an insulated bottle?

An insulated bottle is easy to find in stores like Gifi or Decathlon but you can also find it online on Amazon for example.

Why Buy An Insulated Bottle?

Buying an insulated bottle is handy if you need to keep your drink at an ideal temperature. They come in all sizes so you won’t have any problems with bulk.

How to use an insulated bottle?

If, for some of you, the use of an insulated bottle may come naturally, this is not necessarily the case for everyone! Indeed, using an insulated bottle requires a certain know-how, with maintenance that you must also prepare for.

Cleaning your water bottle

To clean your insulated water bottle, simply empty it before filling it completely with hot water. You can then add dishwashing liquid, and shake it for 2 minutes after closing it. Finally, you just have to rinse it and let it dry.

Preparing the temperature

For a hot drink, you can run your insulated bottle under hot water, which will heat it up. Conversely, for a cold drink, a simple fridge will do just fine!

Protecting your stainless steel water bottle

It is highly recommended to use an insulated bag to protect your water bottle: it is indeed the best way to keep it longer! In specialty stores, you should have no trouble finding cooler bags.

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