Rotisserie: the 12 best models of 2022

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Are you tired of drooling over roast chickens turning in front of the butcher or on the market and you would like to have the same tasty and crispy result at home, for half the price? Banco, we have what you need! For some time now, the rotisserie has been democratized, leaving the professional elite to settle in a good place in every home. To meet this challenge, this cooking appliance has become more versatile and more compact. When not on its own, the rotisserie can be combined with an oven or a barbecue for amazing duets that would make the great chefs green!

This means that there is necessarily a rotisserie for you, whatever your budget, your space, your desires and constraints. We have just gone in search of the best models of rotisseries, with the idea of ​​presenting you with a varied and qualitative selection. So it’s sure, the next chicken will turn to you!

What is a Rotisserie?

The rotisserie is a device for roasting poultry but also all kinds of meat and sometimes even vegetables. Electric, gas or above a charcoal hearth, the most classic consists of a rotating spit on which the meat is pierced. Depending on the appliances, you can also install skewers, grills, cups, etc. to cook multiple ingredients.

Livoo DOM323: 1500W electric vertical rotisserie – ideal for indoors

Here is a rotisserie for grilling your chickens , other meats and skewers of all kinds. The resistance forming a loop allows the uniform distribution of heat for optimal cooking up to 200°C. This vertical electric grill performs a 360° rotation automatically, you will have nothing to do and can go about your business after setting the timer. When you come back, you will find your preparations golden and tasty!

On the accessories side, you will find a central spit, 10 skewers of 23 cm and a grease collector. Everything comes apart for easy washing.for closed cooking system retains heat and humidity so as not to dry out the food. Cooking is faster with minimal power consumption and no grease splashes all around.

Dimensions: 44 × 34 × 28 cm.

We like

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Large pieces of meat or skewers

We like less

  • A few precautions are necessary for use and storage because the glass can break.

Greaden: Complete gas barbecue with integrated rotisserie for a summer

barbecue is a real little summer kitchen in which you can do absolutely everything! For example some snacked prawns for the starter, a roast chicken and potatoes in the embers and to finish some caramelized bananas… on a total cooking surface of 45 × 35 cm.

To do this, you will find 4 burners, a stove and a side fire as well as a rotisserie kit with its infrared burner for the rotisserie. In total, the power developed is 22 kW. Cooking on the grills or plancha is easy, quick and healthy, the ingredients expel fat while remaining moist and tasty. The rotisserie element consists of a rotisserie rod to skewer meats, forks to hold them in place, a weight to balance the rod during cooking and a motor for 360° rotation.

The burners are also equipped with flame tamers to regulate their intensity, the heat is homogeneous, without carbonization. On the lid there is a thermometer, thanks to which you have a constant eye on the internal temperature in order to be able to modulate according to the needs of each preparation.dualIgnition is child’s play thanks to a system : push and turn the button on the front or secure manual ignition by presenting a match to the specific handle on the side of the barbecue. After a few minutes of preheating, you can already start cooking your food.

There’sspace to put dishes, hooks to hang cooking utensils and even a built-in bottle opener. The entire lower part is a storage cupboard in which you can store everything you need for the daily barbecue. This is also where the small grease tray which can be easily removed for emptying and cleaning. An integral cover is also provided so that you can protect your barbecue when not in use or for the winter.

It is a quality barbecue made of 304 stainless steel with a neat finish and many useful and refined details. The lid has been reinforced with a double layer to improve convection and heat retention in the hearth. It will look great on your terrace and you can move it as you wish thanks to its wheels. In short, a beautiful functional barbecue which is reminiscent of the prestigious Napoleon barbecues !

Dimensions: 60 × 119 × 146 cm.

We like

  • Complete barbecue
  • Integrated rotisserie kit
  • Thermometer and bottle opener
  • Side shelves and storage
  • High quality design

We like less

  • It’s really hard to blame it for anything!

Kauto: Nomadic charcoal barbecue with rotating grill – the ally of campers

Here is a little barbecue very smart and above all very practical compact, it is suitable for 3 to 5 people. You will prepare your hearth in the traditional way with charcoal and then place your food inside the double grill. Everything fits perfectly and cannot fall out, whether large or small pieces of meat or even vegetables.

The 12 V motor then takes care of rotating the grill above the embers. Equipped with a connection to a standard socket and battery cables, you can take it camping to prepare delicious grilled meats everywhere. Robust and fully removable, this rotisserie barbecue is easy to clean, store and transport. The design of the grid and its spacing are designed to ensure good heat distribution and to cook all kinds of ingredients ideally. It is also possible to add charcoal during cooking, without moving everything. Everything fits together, no screws needed, no tools needed!

Dimensions: 89 × 36 × 37 cm.

We like

  • Compact and removable > nomadic
  • Authentic cooking with charcoal
  • Rotating grill on motor
  • Stable and very practical

We like less

  • It is impossible to adjust the height of the grill, grease can fan the fire, you have to watch!

Royal Catering: Multifunction vertical rotisserie for grilling everything at home

If this 1800 W rotisserie can be used as a kebab machine to brown meat, that’s far from being its only function! Associated with multiple accessories, it makes possible the preparation of a complete meal with a maximum temperature of 160°C. The traditional central rotisserie is accompanied by skewers, double grids and cups to cook everything quickly and efficiently! The accessories are in stainless steel and the door in tempered glass for more safety, easy maintenance and good durability. The buttons allow you to set two power levels and a timer up to 60 minutes.

Dimensions: 39.5 × 32.9 × 51.9 cm.

We like

  • A small device for multiple possibilities!
  • Numerous accessories
  • 2 powers and timer

We like less

  • The timer is a little short, especially since with a maximum temperature of only 160°C the cooking time can be a little longer than with other appliances.

Feca: Professional horizontal gas rotisserie to cook 12 chickens at

With this gas rotisserie, the cooking space will not be a problem! You will cook like a pro and in one go 12 chickens, enough to sustain all the guests at a wedding or a cousinade! This high-end device contains 6 skewers with picks to hold each bird in place. They are mounted on closed spindle supports to keep all the heat inside the machine. The transmission is entirely metallic with ball bearings in the sleeves and tensioners, without any plastic element likely to be damaged. The burners are removable for easier cleaning and impeccable hygiene. The total power reaches 12000 kcal per hour.

Dimensions: 110 × 45 × 61 cm.

We like

  • Professional level
  • Large capacity
  • High quality / High resistance to wear

We like less

  • Apart from professional use, it’s oversized…

Vevor: Large charcoal barbecue with electric rotisserie

This is a large resistant barbecue equipped with an electric rotisserie. The cooking area measures 27.5 × 79 cm, enough to cook a large number of ingredients simultaneously. Roasts, chickens, suckling pig, lamb, prime rib, vegetables… Everything takes place, on the grills or on the turnspit, firmly held by the large skewers. It is perfect for enjoying evenings outdoors, with a delicious meal prepared without dirtying the kitchen!

The lid, equipped with an anti-burn handle, adjusts to insulate as well as possible and to keep the heat on the hearth. Cooking is thus faster and more homogeneous. A complete transparent front can also be installed for cooking completely closed but under good supervision. You can also check the temperature with the thermometer.

This barbecue is made of 201 stainless steel. High quality, it resists extreme temperatures and corrosion. The ashtray collects the waste as it goes, emptying and cleaning are facilitated. The two large side shelves serve as a work surface and service throughout cooking, while the 4 wheels with brakes facilitate mobility while maintaining stability. Skewers, spice boxes, pliers, brushes, cleaning brush and assembly tools, everything is provided! All you need is the protective cover.

Dimensions: 87 × 38 × 55 cm.

We like

  • Large model barbecue with rotisserie
  • Good value for money
  • Numerous accessories
  • Mounted on wheels with brakes

We like less

  • The lower space could have been used for storage!

Rommelsbacher BG 1805/E: A versatile oven with integrated rotisserie

Here is a 2-in1800 W that will save you a lot of space in the kitchen! It is a 42 L capacity with four stainless steel heating elements. It heats up very quickly and regulates the temperature between 80 and 230°C with 7 adjustable cooking modes (heat up, down, both, ventilated air, defrost, etc.). You will also benefit from a motorized roasting spit for two chickens, which can be placed at 4 different heights. Of course, this mini-oven will be useful to you on a daily basis for multiple preparations and for ever tastier meals, all you have to do is put on the apron kitchen

A timer of up to 120 minutes is set for self-contained cooking with an end signal. The interior of the oven is made of non-stick coating easy-care lighting that allows you to always have an eye on the progress of the preparation. The oven door is double glazed with a seal, it can be completely dismantled for cleaning. Equipped with an anti-overheating safety device, this rotisserie can be used safely indoors, all year round. On the accessories side, you will find a drip tray removable enamelled roasting pan and a chrome grill with separate handles.

Dimensions: 54.5 × 43 × 36.

We like

  • 2 in 1 = space saving
  • Many programs
  • Various cooking options
  • High power

We like less

  • We only find advantages!

Innsky: Oil-free fryer, mini-oven, rotisserie – the compact model

There is not enough space in the kitchen, yet you love to prepare good meals and there is no question of being satisfied with a simple microwave oven and a hob ! So here is the device you need, a small compendium of multiple bulky household appliances that does not lack power (1500W) and is extremely practical. It is a mini-oven, an oil-free fryer, a rotisserie which is also suitable for dehydrating food, gentle cooking, steam cooking and even as a yogurt maker because with its double-layer insulation the heat is preserved long, so you can slide your pots in there all night (device preheated then off) to find your yogurts ready in the morning…

The possibilities are endless, this rotisserie is the ideal partner for the student in his studio but he will be just as happy families. With 2 grill plates, 1 full plate or grease collector, 8 skewers, a basket and a spit, you will have everything you need to cook. A tool is also provided to position and extract rotisserie accessories without burning yourself. Everything is simply used, if a meat cannot be pricked, place it directly in the basket, in the same way you can grill all the vegetables and dry the fruits. All without oil (or very little), it is a dietary cooking that does not distort the products.

The temperature can be adjusted between 80 and 200°C with a timer and an end-of-cooking beep. Many automatic programs make your life easier, they are symbolized by intuitive pictograms on the control panel: cake, fries, fish, pizza, chicken… The rotation can be cut and a light allows you to follow the cooking, itturns off by itself so as not to operate unnecessarily continuously (energy saving!) The interior lining can be cleaned with a sponge, the door can be removed completely and thanks to excellent insulation, the external walls remain temperate.

Dimensions: 33.6 × 33.7 × 37 cm

We like

  • One device to do everything!
  • Fast and healthy cooking
  • Ultra compact

We don’t like it

  • The capacity is limited, too bad the interior isn’t a little bigger.

In Love Arts: Free-standing electric portable rotisserie ki

If you love the authenticity of a real open-air wood fire and are a traveler at heart, this is the rotisserie for you ! It follows you everywhere and sets up in a flash to roast beautiful pieces of meat in the most ancestral way possible… Improved all the same, with an electric motor, so as not to look like Popeye by dint of turning! Designed in stainless steel, this kit is durable, resistant to rust and intense heat. Its legs with a cross base are very stable and support a load of 70 kg. The spit adjusts in height on 5 levels: 38, 44, 50, 56, 62 cm.

The use is within everyone’s reach: pass the 130 cm rod through your meat and be with the forks so that nothing moves. Prepare a good wood fire, with all the necessary precautions if you are in the middle of nature, use a brazier as a hearth or simply a low barbecue. All you have to do is install the rotisserie on each side and put your spit on the support. Plug in, admire your meat turning, smell the sweet aromas and finally enjoy a convivial, warm and grilled meal! Once finished and cooled, all you have to do is disassemble, wash and store, quickly and with a minimum of space.

Dimensions: 115 × 31.8 × 15.4 cm

We like

  • Space saving
  • Simple and efficient
  • Durable, usable on different supports

We like less

  • Such a transportable accessory would have required a 12V motor with several types of connections. Here, the conventional grip is restrictive.

JXWesthen: Rotisserie for round barbecue

Many of us have fallen for round barbecues with a lid since the giant Weber made it known. If this is also your case, you can simply add this roasting ring to cook delicious chickens! It includes a stainless steel spit and 2 meat tongs. A user manual is also provided, it is very simple anyway. Once the 220V electric motor is plugged in, the spit begins to slowly rotate over the glowing embers to cook your meat evenly. Very practical, your barbecue thus becomes more versatile and you will not be encumbered by an additional appliance.

We love

  • A single accessory is enough to transform your barbecue!
  • Simple to set up and remove
  • Easy to clean and store

We like less

  • Not suitable for all barbecues, check the measurements carefully!
  • A storage bag would have been nice

Kamado Joe: Electric rotisserie for Japanese Kamado barbecue

At your place it’s more Japanese barbecue with a Kamado? This is not a problem, a wide range of accessories is also available for this barbecue which is attracting more and more French people. In particular a motorized rotisserie kit which comes to rest above the hearth without preventing the closing of the lid. Thus, your meats cook in no time, crispy on the edges and soft inside. With a delicately smoked taste and free of all fats, just to keep the line for the summer!

We like

  • A simple accessory that changes everything
  • The quality of the Kamado Joe brand
  • Guaranteed compatibility

We like less

  • Nothing to say, it’s perfect!

Shyosucce: Universal electronic rotisserie with adjustable length USB

This universal rotisserie kit can be installed absolutely on all homes and can be used everywhere since it is equipped with a motor on a mains adapter or on USB. That is to say, a simple external battery or evensolar energy can make it work.rod 304 stainless steel assembles to reach the correct measurement between 69 and 140 cm and 2 different supports are delivered for the motor. One with M10 screws for grills without holes and the other with M5 screws to adapt to barbecue holes.

The motor can spin a load of up to 10 kg, which leaves room for a nice piece of meat! 2 clamps are also provided to properly clamp the meat on both sides as well as a balancing system, the spit can then turn correctly and nothing falls!

We like

  • Universal
  • Adjustable
  • USB
  • Mobile
  • Small footprint

We like less

  • Simple and effective, nothing to say!

Freestanding rotisserie on legs

The Different Types Of Rotisseries

As you have seen from our selection, there are several types of rotisseries:

  • The electric rotisserie : perfect for use all year round, it is a compact appliance. Fully automatic, it’s the easiest to use and you won’t even have to watch it since it has a timer. Maintenance is also very simple with accessories that are generally dishwasher safe. However, space will be limited and cooking may take a little longer. The electric rotisserie can be a stand-alone module or included in a mini-oven which will then offer you many other preparation possibilities.
  • The gas rotisserie : even if we wanted to present it to you in this comparison, the gas rotisserie is mainly intended for professionals. The capacity is substantial, disproportionate for the daily life of a lambda household. The power is much higher, the operation more complicated and the cleaning tedious. In short, unless you want to get into the profession soon or regularly organize large parties with family and friends, the gas rotisserie is not ideal for an individual.
  • The rotisserie for barbecue or wood fire : here we are talking more about a rotisserie kit. It can be integrated or added as an accessory to a gas or charcoal barbecue. The rotisserie can also be completely independent, autonomous and nomadic, installed above a brazier or an outdoor wood fire.

Gas rotisserie

How to choose the right rotisserie?

The choice of the rotisserie is very variable according to its type, we have just spoken about it and it is obviously the first point to take into account. For example, you must bear in mind that you will not be able (or with difficulty) to use the rotisserie of your barbecue in the middle of winter or even when the weather is too bad, which can unfortunately happen even in the middle of summer these days

… This fact, it is important to ask yourself if you want to be able to use your rotisserie easily and at any time or if it is for you an additional accessory which can in particular diversify the kitchen with the barbecue in summer. In the first case, the independent electric rotisserie or multifunction appliances with rotisserie will be the most suitable for your needs.

Then, some other criteria can allow you to find the best rotisserie for you:

The dimensions of the rotisserie

If the square meters are lacking and the cupboards are overflowing, you will not be able to afford to buy an oven for the kitchen or even a large barbecue for the outside. In that case, look to small, compact rotisseries or perhaps consider replacing an existing unit with a more versatile model, with a rotisserie. For the outdoors and to take camping, rotisserie kits or rotisseries that can be added directly to an existing barbecue will make you happy.

The cooking capacity of the rotisserie

for How many people ? Observe the cooking surface, the capacity or the weight of meat that each rotisserie can cook. Clearly, you have to be able to cook enough for the composition of your household if it is for daily use. If it’s for summer meals with family and friends, ask yourself how many people you should be able to accommodate. Of course, electric rotisseries have a lower capacity compared to large rotisseries for barbecues, oven type appliances will generally fall between the two. Mounted on a spit and firmly clamped between the clamps, you can actually cook a fair amount of meat kebab style!

The practicality of the rotisserie

Pierce the chicken, enclose it in an electric rotisserie, close the door, engage the timer and wait for the beep while reading a good book. Always skewer the meat, but make the fire, install the spit, start the motor, watch for flames that are going crazy or the fire that is dying out and regularly check the end of cooking time…

One is more practical than the other, however we cannot speak of an equivalent experience and this characteristic little smoky taste will not be found everywhere… Unless you have fun buying two types of rotisseries, you will have no choice but to compromises or simply choose what suits you best!

The accessories provided

The accessories are part of the practical concept, in addition to potentially reducing your budget, everything that is included is no longer to be purchased so do not hesitate to compare the offers! Protective cover, skewers, various grills, kitchen utensils, cleaning accessories…

Think about what can be useful to you (because not everything is always useful), the various cooking accessories also increase the versatility of the rotisserie. Indeed, with a simple spit, you can only bet on large pieces of meat. If peaks are added, you will be able to prepare delicious skewers of meat and vegetables. Double grids or cups further diversify by cooking ingredients that would have fallen on simple

skewers’stainless steel ! Otherwise hello to rust and ultra-rapid degradation… In the presence of a glass door, make sure that it is tempered glass resistantFinally, for complete appliances, take a look at the interior surface to favor robust and easy-to-maintain non-stick coatings.

Electric Rotisserie

Why Buy A Rotisserie?

The rotisserie offers a unique cooking method that you will not find identically in a grill, an oven or even a barbecue. It cooks quickly and evenly thanks to its automatic rotating system. Indeed, forget the rustic manual rotisserie installed above the fire, the rotisserie turns by itself and during this time you can do something else ! With some models, you can even directly activate a timer so that the rotisserie stops by itself after the given time.

So no risk of having a charred chicken! Theuse is extremely simple and you can obtain, at home, a cooking similar to that of the professionals. It is also worth pointing out that with vertical cooking the fat falls into a collection tray, so your cooking is much healthier than with horizontal cooking where the fat stagnates and soaks the meat. However, this cooking juice is not lost since you can always recover it very easily, for example to make a sauce.

What is the price of a rotisserie?

A small roasting pan first price sells for less than 100 € while large professional rotisseries exceed €6,000. The variety of models is enormous, for various needs and uses. It’s important to narrow down the selection to find the type of rotisserie that’s right for you so that you can then compare prices in each category, based on the features and quality of each model.

How to Clean Your Rotisserie?

Regardless of the type, you will need to clean your rotisserie after each use if you want to keep it functional and in good condition. The less you wait the better, but let it cool anyway! Avoid harsh detergents that could damage the coating of your rotisserie, in addition to being potentially bad for your health. Prefer hot water mixed with dishwashing liquid, a sponge, a small brush and a little elbow grease. This should be enough to clean properly if you do it every time.

If chunks of meat have stuck too much to the skewer or skewers, soak or wrap in a damp, soapy cloth to loosen the dirt. For the stains most stubborn, you can also make a paste with baking soda and water, rub the surfaces then soak with a little white vinegar. The foamy reaction of this mixture is unparalleled for descaling, it also has the advantage of disinfecting in a 100% natural and food-compatible way !

Where to Buy a Rotisserie?

Rotisseries can be found almost everywhere in supermarkets, household appliances, DIY or garden centers depending on the type of appliance concerned. However, given the number of models on the market, it is not at all certain that you will find one of the best rotisserie models presented here!

Why have to go out, waste time and pay for gas when you can just click and receive straight to your door? So visit the sites ofAmazon, ManoMano, Cdiscount, Rue du Commerce… Most of them offer rotisseries at the best price, with a little luck you may even come across a great promotion allowing you to buy this top-of-the-range model. range that you secretly coveted!

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