Stoner: The 8 Best Models In 2022

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Sometimes, we want so much to prepare tasty recipes based on seasonal fruits, unfortunately, we do not have the right utensils in our kitchen. Are you having difficulty separating your fruits from their core? Do you always have your fingers all red, because of your cherries? Indeed, this kind of task is a bit difficult and even becomes boring when done by hand, which is why the use of a stoner is essential.

In order to sort out the best pitters on the market, we spent many hours researching. Find in this guide the parameters of choosing a pitter as well as our collection of the best models.

What is a Stoner?

A pitter is a kitchen instrument specially made to separate the pit from the flesh of a fruit in a single pressure, without damaging the latter. This utensil is widely used when preparing fruity recipes (clafoutis, pies, cakes, etc.), whether at home or in large restaurants.

The accessory is generally designed to gently extract the pit from your cherries. However, it can very well pit olives, plums, Mirabelle plums and many other stone fruits. A high-quality pitter is also easy to handle, saving you time in the kitchen.

Comparison of the best

Bouchonneroe Jocondienne N4044 pitters – a manual tool for everyone

Bouchonneroe Jocondienne N4044

Made of three different ultra-resistant materials (ABS, chrome steel and stainless steel), this N4044 cherry pitter is essential when preparing your desserts. In order to avoid accidentally ingesting the pits of your cherries which contain amygdalin (molecule likely to cause food poisoning), this Bouchonnerie Jocondienne model is there to help you extract them in no time.

This pitter weighs 0.47 kg and is equipped with all the elements necessary for maximum pitting of your cherries or plums. It will surely simplify your life and allow you to work in a clean way on your work area. The Bouchonnerie Jocondienne N4044 is made with a suction cup base. The equipment will ensure a good job while remaining stable during pitting. On the other hand, it is a manual destoner, which means that it does not have an automatic stop.

We like

  • Its efficiency
  • Its resistant materials
  • Its aesthetic design

We like less

  • The suction cup tends to come off.

Leifheit 37211 – high capacity equipment

Leifheit 37211

Leifheit pitters are renowned for their compactness and ease of use. The brand offers you the Leifheit 37211, a pitter made of plastic material. For quality work, this equipment is equipped with a transparent container which is used to accommodate the pits as well as another collection container intended to recover the pulp of your fruits. With a capacity of 1 L, it can pit up to 15 h in just one hour, which is rather practical and impressive. With its dimensions of 16.5 x 11.5 x 15.8 cm, the Leifheit 37211 stoner will easily find its place in your kitchen cupboard for efficient storage.

On the aesthetic side, this model is also attractive. With its white color with shades of gray and its design appearance, it will marvelously embellish your kitchen once installed in a clearly visible corner. To give you a better grip, the Leifheit 37211 also benefits from a comfortable “Soft Touch” handle. With the exception of the latter, all parts of this pitter are dishwasher safe, which saves you time in the kitchen and guarantees optimal cleaning.

We like

  • Its impeccable design
  • Its quality (compact and efficient product)
  • Its practicality (little handling of the fruit)
  • Its ease of storage
  • Its ease of cleaning
  • Its ergonomics (Soft Touch handle for maximum comfort of use)

We like less

  • Some users encounter a problem with the small white rubber seal. This piece comes off for cleaning and does not attach cleanly.

GEFU GF19140 – a powerful

GEFU GF19140

pitter The GEFU GF19140 pitter is used for cherries, but it is also capable of pitting fruits compatible with its small size. It is characterized by its lightness which allows you a remarkable ease of use. This model combines stainless steel and plastic on a single accessory for a great performance during a pitting. Moreover, these materials are both resistant and easy to maintain. Indeed, the GEFU GF19140 is perfectly dishwasher safe to give you maximum time savings.

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Simple, yet effective, this kitchen equipment from GEFU also gives you the benefit of good handling. It is used very well for pitting cherries, but also for extracting seeds from olives of any size and shape. With its practical locking mechanism, the GEFU GF19140 is not difficult to store. All you need to do is clean it thoroughly and dry it well with a clean cloth, then put the pitter in your kitchen drawer.

We like

  • Its ease of handling
  • Its efficiency despite its lightness
  • Its robust materials
  • Its space-saving advantage
  • Ideal product for cherries and olives

We like less

  • No negative opinions from users. The product is satisfactory.

Metaltex 25.06.58 – for easy handling

Metaltex 25.06.58

Strong, easy to handle and lightweight, this cherry pitter is worth buying. From the Metaltex brand, it demonstrates great robustness in order to efficiently and quickly remove the core of your cherries, without staining your hands or peeling the pulp of your fruits. If you therefore need a practical little utensil to help you with your culinary preparations, the Metaltex 25.06.58 is an excellent choice.

Despite its small dimensions (28 x 227 x 95 mm), this kitchen tool can pit a large number of cherries. Finally, for cleaning the utensil, it is best to do it by hand. This product is not suitable for maintenance in the dishwasher, but it is very easy to clean. Also, remember to wipe it down properly before storing it in your kitchen drawer.

We like

  • Its solidity
  • Its lightness
  • Its ease of handling
  • Its practicality

We like less

  • The iron rod rusts on contact with water. It should be dried immediately after washing.
  • The accessory is also fragile according to other users.

Westmark 40002260 – a premium quality model

Westmark 40002260

Using the Westmark 40002260 pitter is the solution you need when you need a quality and efficient kitchen tool to pit your cherries effortlessly. Designed with a manual mechanism, this model is very easy to use. Simply insert your stone fruits on the part dedicated to pitting, then press the utensil firmly so that it can do its job. If you want to core your cherries with their stem, the Westmark 40002260 will do it perfectly. With just one hand, you can pit your fruit using an integrated pressure system on the accessory.

The Westmark brand is also a specialist in the subject of “pitting and conservation”. It thus offers you durable kitchen gadgets like this model 40002260. The latter is particularized by its special food safety coating as well as its grip handle which allows a perfectly secure grip. It is available in silver color and promises you incredible practicality in use. Made of sturdy aluminum, the Westmark 40002260 cleans perfectly in the dishwasher.

We like

  • The practicality of its portable device
  • Its fairly simple operation
  • Its ergonomic handle
  • Its compatibility with the dishwasher for thorough cleaning

We like less

  • Some users are a little disappointed, because the cherries sometimes remain blocked once they are pitted.

Tescoma ‎643630 – the best sturdiness

Tescoma ‎643630

Need to pit a large quantity of frozen, canned or fresh cherries? Trust Tescoma and opt for its 643630 stoner. Weighing only 0.49 kg when empty, this kitchen equipment is very easy to handle. It includes a stainless steel tip that does its job well in extracting pits from your cherries. This utensil model is also distinguished by its base with an anti-slip coating. Thanks to this feature, you can use your stoner comfortably and in complete safety.

The Tescoma 643630 is designed with the right dimensions to fit anywhere in your kitchen. Its size also allows optimized cleaning in the dishwasher, as it is very easy to disassemble its parts. Once clean, wipe all small accessories well before proceeding with assembly. This allows you to use quality, resistant and durable equipment.

We like

  • Its performance (ideal product for a large quantity of cherries)
  • Its ergonomics
  • A complete and secure tool
  • Its ease of assembly and disassembly

We like less

  • This pitter is not suitable for large cherries.

Tescoma ‎630069 – a tool for the whole family

Tescoma ‎630069

Ideal equipment for pitting cherries and morello cherries, the Tescoma ‎630069 will fully meet your needs when you want to prepare pies or fruity recipes for the whole family. This model is made of stainless steel with some ultra-resistant plastic parts. Thanks to these solid materials, the utensil ensures satisfactory work and a fairly long life. This pitter is white, yellow and transparent in color. With its medium size (8.1 x 5.6 x 20.8 cm), it is a perfect addition to other small accessories in your kitchen.

The Tescoma ‎630069 is a very simple product to use. First place the stemless cherry in its place, then press the yellow button by pressing down. Normally, a metal rod in the shape of a cross presses through the fruit. It works like this until the core falls into the equipment’s transparent container. This range of pitters is finally light, which allows all the members of your family to use it easily. Regarding its cleaning, this utensil should be washed by hand under running water.

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We like

  • Its super-resistant materials
  • Its solidity
  • Its durability
  • Its unique design Its
  • lightness

We like less

  • The article is not suitable for large cherries. Their cores get stuck in the ejection hole every time they are used.

UK – unparalleled ergonomics

Dénoyauteur de cerise U-K

To quickly and easily pit your cherries, olives and even dates, the UK pitter is made from a superior quality aluminum alloy. This brand has carefully chosen this material to promise you robustness, durability and optimal protection during use of the equipment. The latter is very easy to use. Put the fruit in the dedicated place, then press the stone remover to immediately extract the stone without risking damaging the pulp.

This model is also known for its unparalleled ergonomic design. Its handle is comfortable to hold and can be used for a while. Whatever the quantity of fruit to be pitted, this type of fruit cutter guarantees you an impeccable result. Finally, the UK stoner stands out for its ease of maintenance. To clean the small solvent from the accessory, there is no need to put it in the dishwasher. Just a good rinse with running water, and you’re done!

We like

  • Its comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • Its practicality
  • Its durable and robust material
  • Its ease of use

We like it less

  • No negative comments from users.

How To Choose A Stoner?

dénoyauteur à cerises

Initially, it is believed that buying a stoner is very simple, since such utensils can be found in almost every store in the city. However, it is always better to take your time when choosing this kitchen accessory online or in physical stores. If you want to use a quality stoner that stands the test of time, here are some criteria not to be taken lightly.

The Material of Design

Whether plastic, aluminum or stainless steel, pitters all provide you with many benefits, as long as you use them with care and maintain them. However, it must be admitted, the stainless steel models are the best known, in terms of quality and durability. They are solid and offer an excellent grip in use.

The aluminum models are also interesting, but they are rather light and require certain precautions of use to avoid damaging them. For plastic pitters, they are easy to use and clean. Despite the fragility of these materials, these stoner models can slip into your basket or your belongings. So you can take them with you when you need them.

The price

A good quality stoner does not always mean that it is expensive. It depends, in fact, on the accessories integrated into the equipment, its brand and many other important parameters. In today’s market, it’s not hard to find a good manual stoner starting at €10. You can also find them on reliable online sales platforms. Browse these sites and find the most practical models at competitive prices.

On the other hand, there are other models of pitters that are quite expensive, in particular electric pitters. These products may be for sale near your home, but most are expensive. The best would then be to make your choice online and buy the one that best meets your expectations.

The brand

Using branded utensils is always beneficial in the kitchen, whatever the material. Check the brand of your pitter before ordering it online or buying it in store. You can, of course, favor your favorite brand or turn to other choices such as Oxo, Westmark, Leifheit or Lacor. Otherwise, read the opinions and comments of users who have purchased a stoner on the Internet. So you can make your choice more easily and without wasting time.

The size of the cup and the tip of the utensil

These two elements play a big role in the pitting of your fruit. In reality, the inner cup of the pitter allows the whole fruit to be recovered well pitted and without any deformation. Thus, its size must be taken into account when purchasing the accessory if you want to perfect your fruity recipes. It is recommended to choose a pitter with an adequate cup size and corresponding to a variety of fruits.

Many also forget that the importance of the tip of a pitter, however, it is a detail not to be underestimated. This part of the utensil is the centerpiece that ensures the effectiveness of the accessory. The latter relies on the quality of the tip to correctly extract the core. When choosing a stoner, choose models with a stainless steel tip. Your utensil is therefore not likely to rust quickly.

Other practical elements

The handle (preferably non-slip) of the pitter, the (larger) capacity of the stone collection tray, the capsule (anti-splash) are small accessories which essentially contribute to perfect pitting of your fruit. Make sure of the presence and quality of these elements to use the utensil properly according to your needs.

Why Use A Stoner?

This kitchen utensil will save you time, especially when you have a lot of fruity dishes to serve. Thanks to its performance, a stoner will ensure quality work. You can pit your fruit at any time without risking peeling the pulp. Finally, having this kitchen equipment at home allows you to better dress your dishes before serving.

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What Types Of Fruit Can Be Pitted?

In general, almost any stone fruit can be pitted using this type of utensil. It can be apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, etc. However, it must be considered that each model of pitter on the market is designed to adapt to certain varieties of fruit. For example, the avocado is a large pitted fruit (used like a vegetable) but does not need a pitter. Cherries should be pitted with small-point equipment and a small dish. As for mirabelle plums and plums, it is preferable to pit them with a larger model.

How Does A Stoner Work?

Classic style pitters are the easiest to use, regardless of their designs. They work a bit like pliers, but with a small hollow to accommodate the fruit to be pitted as well as a rod to remove the pit. Once your cherry or apricot is firmly in place, press the equipment as if you are going to close it. At this point, your pitter will do everything, making sure that the rod sits firmly on the pit. This will then remove it and pass the core through your fruit.

What Tricks For Pitting Cherries In The Absence Of A Pitter?

If you haven’t had your pitter yet, you can use a glass bottle to separate your fruit pits from their pulp. Place each cherry on the neck, taking care to place the fruit exactly in the center. Squeeze the cherry with a thin, solid object, so the pit will easily fall into the bottle. A paperclip or pin can also help in this process. Push the loop of the paper clip into the place where the peduncle is. Then carefully remove so that the core comes off with the peduncle. This technique is easy to perform especially with a little practice.

Where Can You Buy A Quality Stoner?

On Amazon or other sales sites such as Cdiscount, you will easily find a high quality, inexpensive stoner that meets your expectations. A wide range of this utensil is offered on these platforms. It will then be easier for you to buy a manual, electric or even a utensil stoner.

What are the selection criteria for choosing the best stoner?

It depends on your usage requirements, but first you need to know why you want to use a pitter. If it’s for making tarts or similar recipes, opt for a multifunction model. If you are looking for equipment that leaves no spatter with use, choose an easy-to-clean stoner. Dishwasher-safe models will do just fine.

Types Of Stoner

To take advantage of a better grip when using a stoner, you can choose from the following two types:

The professional stoner

This type of stoner stands out for its robustness and its ability to have a optimal pitting compared to standard pitters. This professional model thus makes it possible to pit a large quantity of fruit, and this, on a recurring basis. The utensil is ubiquitous in large restaurants and pastry laboratories. Among the most used, we especially note the electric pitters.

The domestic pitter

If a simple tool offering a sufficient pitting rate suits you, you can opt for the domestic pitter. This type of utensil is easily accessible on the market, due to its much more affordable price than the professional model. It is therefore quite practical, but some models are designed for manual use, while others can be placed on your work area. Home pitters also come in different materials and sizes. Even if they are offered at unbeatable prices, it is still advisable to choose a quality and durable model.

How To Clean A Stoner Properly?

Comment nettoyer un dénoyauteur correctement

It is not very difficult to clean a stoner, if you do it right after using it. This kitchen equipment washes very well by hand or machine, as you wish. There are, indeed, many stoner models compatible with a dishwasher.

To get rid of fruit residue encrusted in each part of your utensil, it is best to disassemble the elements that make it up (the handle, the tongue, etc.). You can then rinse each part with clear water and wash with a little detergent for a thorough cleaning.

Of course, if you want to save some time, a machine wash is ideal. This mode of maintenance is simpler and faster. Either way, remember to dry your stoner thoroughly with a clean cloth or towel before storing it in a closet.

In practice, buying a stoner is a task that is far from easy, whether in physical stores or on the Internet. With electric models and those with a manual mechanism, you will surely be spoiled for choice. Nevertheless, using this kitchen equipment will save you from getting stained while you pit your seasonal fruits. To make your desserts to perfection, consult our comparison of the best pitters and select the model that seems most practical in the kitchen.

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